flair & paper review

Flair & Paper Subscription Box Unboxing | November 2018

flair & paper review

Flair & Paper is a monthly stationery subscription box. Each package includes 4-5 greeting cards & 1-2 stationery items. Subscriptions are $19.99 with free US shipping and additional fees to ship to select countries. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in flair & paper

Our first glimpse inside the Flair & Paper Package for November.

what's in the flair & paper box

Everything that we received in our Flair & Paper Box for November. The theme for this month is, “Shades of Thankful” and is quite beautiful and includes items that we’ve received in this package for the first time!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. This lists each of the items that we received in this month’s box!


November Calendar Card

Each Flair & Paper package comes with a card that has a calendar for the month. This is a cute way to display each month and still keep track of all your most important dates.


Mini Chalkboard & Chalk Pen

First item(s) in our box are this mini chalkboard and chalk pen. This is a cute way to dress up a little space in your home and we love that they included the chalk pen as well!


Wine Bottle Decor

Next up we have a wine bottle tag. This is the perfect addition to your gift of wine at your next holiday party! We love this design and while we missed unboxing this by Thanksgiving we’ll definitely be saving this for next year.


Tea Towel

This is the first time we’ve received something like this in one of our Flair & Paper Boxes! We are absolutely loving this, “Gather & Give Thanks” Tea Towel. Fits perfectly into the Thanksgiving season and is made of high quality and durable material.

We were impressed with the size of this tea towel as well!


You’re My Favorite Human Card

The first card in our monthly selection is probably our favorite. It says, “You’re my Favorite Human” and while it’s a fun message it’s also simple and fun. We’ll be using this for our husband’s birthday!


Always Something to be Thankful For Card

Our second card in this selection is this one that boasts, “There’s always something to be thankful for… like wine” card. This is the perfect card to give to a girlfriend who is having a rough time. We love the sentiment here and the script seems to make it extra sassy!


It’s Not You It’s Me Card

We’re not exactly sure what we’ll be using this card for yet but it sure is funny! It’s snarky and definitely gets the point across!


Thankful for You Card

What more can you say? This card completely speaks for itself! Give this to someone who’s done you a solid or someone who just needs to know there’s someone thinking about them! We love the simple yet whimsical graphics on this card!


Happy Birthday Card

We were torn on which card from this set we’d give to our husband for his birthday … this one totally fits the bill – we give him a hard time about his age all the time. The favorite human card won out in the end but we’ll keep this one for next year!


So in summary

Presentation: One of the things that we love most about this subscription is the aesthetics of the unboxings. Everything arrives to us perfectly as well.

Quality: Each product in this box is handmade by Flair & Paper and we appreciate that. They put their all into their products and we can tell!

Curation: This “Shades of Gratitude” themed box is a great assortment of fall and thankfulness themed cards. We really like everything that we received and the addition of the tea towel is a nice touch!


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Flair & Paper $19.99


Beautiful stationery and greeting card subscription box designed and curated by Flair & Paper. An absolutely great value for the money!

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