decocrated winter review

Decocrated Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | Winter 2018

decocrated winter review

Decocrated is s seasonal home decor subscription box. Each package contains a fresh new mix of seasonally appropriate and timeless accent pieces. Subscriptions are $79.99 with free shipping. Use code asheli10 for a special discount and if you subscribe now (your first box will be spring) you’ll get a free gift shipped out to you straight away! Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in decocrated

Our first glimpse inside the Decocrated Winter Box.

what's in the winter decocrated box

Everything that we received in our Winter 2018 Decocrated Box. The colors and finishes for this season are stunning! (Keep reading if you want to know what to expect for spring)!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. There is a winter catalog that shows us how to use the items that were included in this collection. There’s also a card with our key elements, colors and other helpful information as well as our art print for the season.

Our art print has a graphic for Xmas as well as New Years!

Our catalog is really helpful in showing us how to use the pieces that we received. We love how they style each item.


Double Sided Banner

The first item that was included in our box is this double sided banner. Here you can see it says “Happy New Years” and the reverse says, “Happy Holidays”. But you can also opt to take the letters off and use this cool display for Christmas and holiday cards as well. The choice is yours.

The Happy strand is longer than the Holidays strand and so you can choose to hang one below the other. Our kitchen doesn’t give us that much space though!


Handcrafted Metal Accent Wreath

This beautiful wreath is one of the key finishes in this season’s box. Use it as a decor item or use it to hang notes from (it’s magnetic)!

This did come with a note that stated it’s a unique, handmade item, made by a master craftsman!


Little Red House Candle Holder

Next in our box we have this adorable metal candle holder brushed with a brick colored finish. We actually think we’ll be using this with our Elf on the Shelf quite a bit!

Inside you can use flameless candles and LED lights to really get a holiday glow going!

We chose to use this with the tray we received in our Fall Decocrated Box. We think the red looks gorgeous with the white, gray and black scheme we have going here!


Interchangeable Wooden Block Message

Our other finish for the Winter Box is natural wood and we received just that with this pretty and wonderful smelling wood block sign collection. The one side says, “Let It Snow” which is perfect for the winter season.

The other side of our wood blocks is perfect all year long and says, “Bless this Home”.


Vintage Style Olive Bucket

The next item and our absolute favorite item in this box is this olive bucket. You can use this as a decor element or as an organizational piece.

This item also came with it’s own handcrafted card like the wreath.

We haven’t made up our mind how we’re going to display this yet but we love everything about it! The mixed metals, the size and the style make this an absolutely gorgeous piece for any home!


Patterned Table Runner

The final item in our Decocrated Winter package is this stylish and neutral table runner. They suggest pairing it with a splash of red berries and sprigs of pine for a dose of holiday cheer. Our dining room is orange with blue accents so we didn’t think it really suited there but thought it would look excellent on our bar!

Here it is looking absolutely beautiful and yes… we decorate our liquor bottles… they’re in high spirits… badump bah, we’ll be here all night folks!

And in this shot you can also see our art print on display as well. So pretty!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged perfectly and in boxes so it wouldn’t break and arrived to us in excellent condition.

Quality: We love that they included 2 handcrafted pieces and found that each item in this box was of great quality

Curation: We are so pleased with this winter’s box! The items are excellent and while they capture the season there are still some that you can keep around all year! We love that they show us how to style them as well, that’s so important!


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Decocrated $79.99


Beautiful assortment of seasonal home decor at a great price with free shipping. We love that they show you how to use each piece and you can bring pieces from past boxes in to help form a really cohesive look!

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