gramma in a box review

Gramma in a Box Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | December 2018

gramma in a box review

Gramma in a Box is a monthly children’s subscription box that sends a themed assortment of cookie and candy crafts. Each package sends you everything you need to create 20 candy and cookie crafts. Subscriptions are $20 monthly and if you subscribe to an auto renewing subscription you’ll get your first box for just $10, no coupon necessary. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in gramma in a box

Our first glimpse inside the Gramma in a Box for December.

what's in the gramma ina box

Everything that we received in our December, “Winter Treats” themed box. This looks like it’s going to be super cute!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This tells us about this month’s theme and lists the contents of the box.


We received 4 snowflake shaped sugar cookies for our cookie decorating

There are also 2 large tree shaped sugar cookies, also to be used in our cookie decorating.

And to make a total of 8 cookies we received 2 gingerbread men. This is the first time we received a cookie that isn’t sugar!


These candy canes will be used in our hot chocolate treats.


We always receive 2 pieces of parchment paper to give us a space to work on and let our crafts dry.


These paper cups will be used in our Holly Wreaths project.


We received tons of sprinkles this month. Our first cup is this red and green sprinkle mixture!


We also received a cup of crushed peppermint we’ll be using in our Hot Chocolate Treats project.


These white sprinkles will be used in our Cookie Decorating craft.


We received 6 marshmallows to complete our Hot Chocolate Treat.


Our green melting chocolate will be used in both the Hot Chocolate Treats project as well as the Holly Wreaths project!


Our frosting always comes in three different colors, for the Christmas season we received green, red and white. These will be used to decorate our cookies.


Our cup of Cornflakes will be used in our Holly Wreaths project.


There’s even more fun, multi-colored sprinkles to use in our Cookie Decorating!


And the final item in our box are these Red Hots – we’ll be using these to adorn our Holly Wreaths.


Okay so now what?

Now we make some yummy treats!

First we gather everything we need for our Hot Chocolate Treats. These are intended to be dipped in hot cocoa – so the kids were super excited to make them.

We unwrap our marshmallows and our candy canes.

Then we melt our melting chocolate in the microwave.

Our next step is to dip a candy cane in the chocolate and then stick it into the marshmallow. We allow these to dry before moving on to the next step.

Finally, we dip our marshmallows in the melting chocolate and then into our crushed peppermint. We set these on the edge to dry. We think these are super cute!


Next, we gather everything together for our Holly Wreaths craft. We’ll be re-purposing our melting chocolate for this one.

We quickly mix our melting chocolate with our Cornflakes. We realized after we combined them we should have used a larger bowl but doesn’t really matter.

Now you’ll spoon the Cornflake mixture into each paper cup and using a spoon place a divet in the center. Finally you’ll adorn each wreath with 3 Red Hots. This is actually our favorite craft for the month. We think these came out so cute!


Our final craft is always our cookie decorating. We don’t follow any guidelines with this one and let the kids use their imagination and have fun!

Isabelle worked really hard on her cookie decorations while the younger kids … enjoyed squeezing out as much frosting as possible!

Here are all of our completed crafts! There were 20 in total!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything in our Gramma in a Box arrived to us perfectly.

Quality: We love that she hand makes the cookies and we find the instructions and steps to be quick and simple – which with mixed aged children is key!

Curation: We thought this month’s Winter Treats Box is the absolute cutest we’ve received yet! Everything turned out so cute and festive!


Subscribe to Gramma in a Box

Gramma in a Box $20


Great way to spend quality time as a family with these fun candy creations and cookie decoration crafts! For $20 we receive 20 finished treats which we think is an excellent deal!



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