spiritual guru review

Spiritual Guru Subscription Box Review & Unboxing | November 2018

spiritual guru review

Spiritual Guru Box is a monthly metaphysical subscription box. Each package is themed and contains 5-7 items ranging from crystals to aromatherapy items that total over $100 in value. Subscriptions are $49.95 and this box is available worldwide (ships from US). Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in spiritual guru box

Our first glimpse inside the Spiritual Guru Box.

Everything that we received in our November, “Meditation” themed box. This is a GREAT selection!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. The first lists each item that we received along with it’s retail value and the other has a little guide to crystals.

The reverse lists this month’s theme and tells you about the Spiritual Guru Candles.


Tibetan Singing Bowl


Our absolute favorite item in this box is this singing bowl. Use this before and after meditation to correct chakra imbalances. If you’ve never heard one of these we highly suggest looking it up on YouTube!

We also love how pretty they are!


Spiritual Guru Meditation Candle


Each package from Spiritual Guru contains one of their hand poured candles. This month’s offering has a gorgeous dusting of glitter on the top and has a smells great, with notes of frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood. Each of these scents has grounding and clearing properties.


Hematite Mala Bead Bracelets


We received 2 mala bead bracelets made with hematite. This stone is great for getting rid of negative energy and is also great at grounding. Little know fact though, this stone is great for manifestation as well! We love the reflective property of these and even though we are going to wear them for their properties we can totally get behind how they pretty much go with everything!


Crystal Quartz Geode


How beautiful is this?! This is an absolutely stunning addition to any crystal collection! Geodes have a strong link to the divine which comes in handy in linking our two worlds while meditation. When we first looked in the bag this came in we thought our crystal cracked but were so pleasantly surprised to see this!


Crystal Angels Oracle Card

Each package comes with one of these cards, they are pulled intuitively for you and contain a message that may inspire you or give you some information you needed to hear. However, if your card does not resonate with you… it may be meant for someone else in your life! Ours implores us to seek out a religious or spiritual group for growth.


Meditation Scarf


The final item in our box is this meditation scarf. First let’s address the gorgeous color combo!? This soft scarf is perfect for wrapping around your body during meditation or sitting on.

This is large and is made with 100% cotton from India.


So in summary

Presentation: Everything is packaged well and arrives to us perfectly in this subscription box.

Quality: We are impressed with how beautiful each of the items we received are. Everything is of excellent quality.

Curation: This meditation themed box is awesome – we love each of the items included and think that they really bring this theme to life.

Box Economy: For the price of this box ($49.95) we received $132 in items which is an awesome deal!


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Spiritual Guru Box $49.95


Beautifully themed assortments of crystals, mala beads and aromatherapy items all intended to raise your vibration! High box value and a steal for the price point.

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