madmen & heroes review

Madmen & Heroes Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | November 2018

madmen & heroes review

Madmen & Heroes is a monthly puzzle subscription box. Each package contains a historical mystery with many puzzles that you the subscriber have to solve. You can choose to solve these puzzles alone or with a group. Subscriptions are $30 monthly or you can subscribe for a longer term and get a discount. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in madmen & heroes

Our first glimpse inside the Madmen & Heroes package.

what's in the madmen & heroes package

Everything that we received in our Madmen & Heroes package. This box is the, “Fight Back” box and in it we have to help the Pueblo people rise against the oppression of the Spanish inquisition!


So what is all this stuff?

First up we have our inserts – which are letters that explain our mission and a little bit of it’s backstory.

This card lists each of the items that came in the box and the reverse tells us where we can go for tips and hints!


We received 2 arrowheads and one coyote tooth. These are cool additions! Oliver really thought that these were cool!

We received a deck of these Katsinam cards. These have dolls that have different meanings to the pueblo people. They are revered and looked to for guidance. We received 36 in total.

The back of each card tells you what powder that Katsinam holds.


This card with pictures of plants is one of our puzzles.

The back has a paragraph that tells us a bit about three people, their ailments and what plant is used to help them. We have to solve which plant and in which form helps each person.

This puzzle is for the people of the Welai pueblo

The reverse of this paper gives us space to fill out for each item.

We didn’t realize that when we were solving!


This page has 2 columns with both text and symbols on it.

This puzzle page has a grid with symbols over a pueblo dwelling.

And this page has a grid with symbols over a red rock. We’ve been doing these puzzles a little bit each night and are still working on these!

The back has space to fill in.


This page tells us what happens when we arrive at the Ku-htihth pueblo. This tells us that after a feast we are to look to the spirits for some revelation as to whether they will fight.

This puzzle has many little stick figures in the sky and goes along with the page above. This says something (we are still figuring it out). We have figured out though, that the little guys with the flags signify the end of the word.


This card tells us what happens when we arrive at the Walatowa pueblo. This is another puzzle that we haven’t gotten to yet and think that this might be related to the deck of cards that we received!


This page tells us about the Tehsugeh pueblo. For the puzzle associated with these people we will need to follow animal tracks to determine where an elder has gone and bring him back with us.

To go along with this we received 5 animal cards with prints on them. The backs of each has a map to see where each animal has gone.

We complete this one and have to say that even our husband was challenged by this. But we did it!


This page tells us about the Tewa pueblo. This is another puzzle we haven’t done yet!


So in summary

Presentation: We really like how they have many different sizes for each of the puzzles – it makes everything so much more engaging. Everything arrived to us perfectly.

Quality: We felt like there was lots of time and attention put into the puzzles included in this box as well as the story that surrounds it. We think that is super cool!

Curation: We love how hard these were. We struggle to find puzzles that give our husband a run for his money and this subscription is definitely doing just that!


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Madmen & Heroes $30


These puzzles are well thought out and we love that they are based in history! These are definitely challenging so if you’ve struggled with puzzle subscriptions that were a bit too easy this might be the one for you! Great for working alone or with a group.

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