hot ones subscription box

Hot Ones by Heatonist Subscription Box Review | December 2018

hot ones subscription box

For those of your SPICE LORDS out there… we purchased the Hot Ones Subscription Box from Heatonist for our husband for Christmas. If you aren’t familiar¬† – Hot Ones is a wildly popular Youtube series where the show’s host interviews celebrities and asks questions while eating hot wings. Each wing is increasingly spicier and spicier making for pretty epic television. This box from Heatonist is in collaboration with the show and features 3 sauces that are in the Hot Ones lineup and in their family of sauces. Subscriptions are $30 monthly +shipping. We purchased this box ourselves.

Here’s the Box Breakdown


Our husband opened the box and tossed the insert and the box out so we’re left with just the sauces. Suffice it to say – it did come well packaged and there was information about each sauce that was included. This sauce from Small Axe Peppers is currently number four in the Hot Ones lineup. This is labeled as a “Medium” hot sauce but found that our 11 year old could eat it. The flavor is amazing the habanero and mango together is beautiful. We were huge fans of Rogue sauce (which was number 5 in the Hot Ones lineup for quite a few seasons) and if you could handle that – you can definitely handle this.



This isn’t even available on the Heatonist website right now. This Carolina Reaper sauce has notes of garlic and onion to really NOT counteract the reaper flavor. For real guys this sauce is a bitch and hits your right where it hurts. This is from the same company that creates the Zombie Apocolypse sauce which is currently in the Hot Ones lineup.



The final sauce included in out Hot Ones Box is from Butterfly Bakery and is their Vienna Lager Mustard Hot Sauce. This is beautiful and full of flavor. We love that they include the batch information as well. This would be great on eggs and lots of stuff and isn’t too spicy at all!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and arrived to us perfectly in this box. Considering these are glass bottles that’s awesome

Quality: We love that they source hot sauces from companies that we know from the show and all are made with quality ingredients.

Curation: We will be honest… we would have liked to receive more sauces we recognized but will be excited for next month. We can’t imagine doing this subscription for too long because who on Earth needs THAT much hot sauce but we are really happy with the box that we received.


Hot Ones Subscription Box from Heatonist

Hot Ones Box $30


Monthly box of 3 sauces from Heatonist Hot Sauce in collaboration with the Youtube series Hot Ones.

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