tarot n tea review

Tarot N Tea Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | December 2018

tarot n tea review

Tarot N Tea is a quarterly tea ritual subscription box. Each “Fortune” Box (what we’re reviewing today) includes 6 large tea samples, 6 themed cards, an online magazine and many other items. Subscriptions are $79.99 quarterly. Additionally they also have a quarterly tea sampler for $9.99 and a “Forecast” Box for $36.99. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first glimpses inside the Tarot N Tea Box. This is always really securely packaged!

Everything that we received in our, “Connecting with Angels” themed box. This is a beautiful assortment.


So what is all this stuff?

We receive quite a bit of information in this subscription. This pamphlet explains to us the items we received, how to use them and how to get our digital magazine.

We also receive a personalized reading with 6 cards.

The booklet walks your through the reading.


Also included is a disclaimer.


Carousel Tea Light Holder

This unique tea light holder spins and catches the light in the prettiest way. Angels are associated with the stars so many items in our box are star themed.


Paper Tea Bags

We received a few disposable tea bags to use with all of our new tea we received in this box.


Star Tea Diffuser

We love tea diffusers with handles! This one is super cute and is shaped like a star. We think the little face is a cute touch.


Queen of Coins Tea

We’d never heard of Puer Tea before but after a little bit of googling have found that this tea is fermented and is referred to as red tea. It has a high caffeine amount and we can’t wait to try this out!


Ten of Pentacles Tea

We love blooming teas and this one contains just white tea and Jasmine (one of our favorite types of tea). We love to put these in our French Press and enjoy the way it looks!


Opalite Angel

Our crystal for this quarter is this Opalite angel. This stone is hand carved and it’s properties include enhanced self-esteem, self-worth and can be used to harness your own personal power. We think it’s really pretty.


Honey Flight

There were a total of 5 different flights available in the Tarot N Tea Boxes. We received flight B, we haven’t tried any of them yet but according to our book you can eat one of these to cure a headache. That’s news to us and we’re going to try it!


Glass Cup

We aren’t sure if this is for candles or for drinks as it wasn’t listed in our pamphlet but it’s pretty.

We love the base and will probably end up using this for storage.


Tea Light Holder

This pretty frosted tea light holder has a silver angel wing charm on it.

This is intended to house our star tea light holder.


Lemon Star Sugar Cubes

Our sugar cubes for this quarter are shaped like little stars and have a lemon flavor!

We think these are super cute!


The Magician Tea

This full-sized tea packet includes a premium Bai Mu Dan tea infused with blue juniper berries. This has a light caffeine level and looks to us to be really good. We love Bai Mu Dan!


Page of Pentacles Tea

This black tea has a moderate amount of caffeine. Our husband loves black tea so we will make this for him!


Seven of Swords Tea

This black tea has cinnamon bits and fig included making it great for snuggling up on those cold winter days. So festive!


Seven of Cups Tea

This tea looks the most interesting to us. This tea is part of the lichen family and is classified as grass. Said to be good for improving sleep quality (big win for us) as well as blood pressure. Also great for immunity, sore throats and stopping coughs. We are most excited to have received this and cannot wait to try this out.


Empress Tea

This Tulsi herbal tea is spicy and aromatic. Hindus regard this as a sacred plant because it represents to them the earthly manifestation of Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth.


Abundance Tea Towel

Our first tea towel in this box is in lieu of the typical cookies that we receive. They were damaged in shipment and so we received this really pretty thankful / abundance tea towel. You guys know how much we love orange so we are stoked that we got this!


Tea Towel

The designs on the tea towels from Tarot N Tea are exclusive and while this one is printed future boxes will include embroidered tea towels. This design fits with the theme of the box as well as the holiday season.


Zodiac Calendar

Created by the artist who created the tarot deck for this quarter, this calendar celebrates the women of the zodiac.

Are you guys like us? We always turn the calendar to the month of our birthday to see what picture we get. And fittingly for our April birth month we got ram horns!


Tea Set 

When we saw this unassuming little zip up bag we weren’t sure what was inside.

Then we opened it up and were taken aback! This gorgeous white tea set is truly beautiful!

It was chosen for this angel themed box because of the “wings” on either side. We think it is a stunning addition and our absolute box favorite!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly and was packaged excellently in our Tarot N Tea Box.

Quality: We love they way they label each tea and really create an interesting experience for the subscriber. The items are great quality and we really enjoyed it!

Curation: This angel themed box is great. Not only does it fit the holiday season they really bring the theme full circle to, “Connect” us with our angels. We love this box and can’t wait to see what the future of Tarot N Tea holds!


Subscribe to Tarot N Tea




































Tarot N Tea Subscription Box $79.99


Great box for people who want to work on self growth and enjoy beautiful tea sets and premium cups of tea.

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