born tea review

Born Tea Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | January 2019

born tea review

Born Tea is a monthly or bi-monthly cold brew tea subscription. Each package includes 12 tea packets (3 different flavors in total) and your first box will contain a free BPA Free, reusable bottle. Subscriptions are $13.90 monthly but your first contains just 3 tea packets and costs just $7.90. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in born tea box

Our first glimpse inside the Born Tea Subscription Box. We love that they use fabric in lieu of paper!

Everything that we received in our Born Tea Subscription. It’s important to note that your starter box will contain 3 tea bags and not 12. Have no fear though, the tea bags from Born Tea can be used 3-4 times!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. All of the tea in the Born Tea Box is grown in China.

And the back of the card tells us that this, simply put is 100% all natural tea. No added anything.

There’s also this little fold out that tells us about our subscription, how to make our tea and what teas we received.


Reusable Plastic Bottle

We’ll use this bottle to shake our tea up. It takes just seconds to get a fresh cup of cold brewed tea with the Born Tea Subscription!


Jasmine Tea

We received 4 packets of jasmine tea (which is one of our absolute favorites). We literally just learned that jasmine is not herbal (so please forgive us in the unboxing video) we now know it is always mixed with another tea. Since each packet can be used 3-4 times this is about 12 cups of tea!


Dragon Well Green Tea

Next is the Dragon Well Green Tea. This green tea is subtle and delicious. Did you know cold brew tea reserves more of the teas natural antioxidants and particularly catechins, which are an antioxidant that increases your metabolism!


Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

Our final tea is an oolong tea. This tea is closely flavored to orchids and is fresh as well as lasting. This is the only tea of the three that we received that we haven’t had a chance to try yet!



And just for fun we received this cool fan with our name on it in Chinese.


So in summary

Presentation: We love the way this subscription was packaged and considering it came all the way from China we are really impressed!

Quality: We love that they put a lot of time and effort into their teas by hand harvesting and drying with a wood fire. These teas are definitely high quality and delicious.

Curation: At this time there are just 3 teas from Born Teas but they are all extremely flavorful and a tea lovers dream!


Subscribe to Born Tea









Born Tea $13.90


Monthly packages of instant cold brewed tea. You’ll receive 12 packets per box that can each be used up to 4 times.

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