jeffree star valentine's day mystery box

Jeffree Star Valentine’s Day Mystery Box Review + Unboxing

jeffree star valentine's day mystery box

Jeffree Star released a Valentine’s Day Mystery Box in 2 different size options – there was a $75 Premier Box that included 9 items (including clothing) as well as a Deluxe Box that included 6 items for $40. Each box contained a limited edition item. We weren’t quick enough to snag a full size box but did get our hands on a deluxe! Not a Tree Reviews paid for this box ourselves.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

jeffree star valentine's day mystery box

Here’s everything that we received in our Jeffree Star Valentine’s Day Mystery Box. NOTE: These boxes are now sold out


So what is all this stuff?


Jeffee Star PopSocket

This item is our box exclusive and has the Jeffree Star logo on it. The larger boxes came with clothes.


Lip Ammunition in Jeffree’s Girl


First up is a Lip Ammo lipstick. We received the color Jeffree’s Girl which is a bubblegum pink. We were impressed with the pigment and coverage and the packaging is really cool!

We were actually pleasantly surprised with the colors that we received in this box and had we received some of the more extreme colors from the line we wouldn’t complain because this is, in the end a mystery box.


Velour Liquid Lipstick in Clout


In this box we received 3 velour liquid lippies from the Jeffree Star Line. We can’t say enough how much we LOVE this package. The glitter and size of the bottle make it something you want to display!

The shade is a metallic, blue toned purple / lavender. This could certainly be worn alone but we found that it wore beautifully on top of each of the other lip products that we received as well. (Pictures below). We also want to point out how angled the doe foot applicator is … it’s perfect for outlining.


Velour Liquid Lipstick in Watermelon Soda


This is probably our favorite item that was included in this box. The color is gorgeous and it smells just like watermelon! The packaging is slightly different than the first liquid lip but stays with the Jeffree Star branding.

This shade is on the bottom left. It’s important to note that each shade (surprisingly even the Lip Ammo) is budge proof.


Velour Liquid Lipstick in Can’t Relate


Our final liquid lipstick in this box is in the shade, “Can’t Relate” and keeps with that gorgeous packaging of the Clout shade.

This shade is pictured on the very top. This is probably the most “down to earth” shade that we received but we think that each shade was pretty reasonable! We’ll be using each!


Each lippie swatched after they’ve dried down: Top Left is Watermelon Soda, Top Right is Can’t Relate, Bottom Left is Clout and Bottom Right is Jeffee’s Girl.

Here’s a photo of each shade with a bit of Clout on top. We think it is so pretty on top of other shades!


Skin Frost in Regina George


The final item in our Jeffree Star Valentine’s Day Mystery Box is this Regina George Skin Frost. Alright, at first we were kind of bummed we didn’t get a standard “highlighter” as we’ll use this much more like a blush topper but after swatching… we are kind of in love with this! The package is gorgeous, the pan is huge and we love the JS stamp inside!

The color looks a bit intense at first but once you see it on the skin you realize how light and buildable it is! It glides on so smooth and creamy as well!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything is as we anticipated packaged beautifully and arrived to us perfectly

Quality: It’s Jeffree Star come on now.

Curation: We felt like we got a good amount of product and that while Jeffree is known for some extreme colors ours wasn’t too out of this world in that respect.

Box Economy: As far as box economy – this package cost $40 and for that we received well over $103 in products which is awesome!!!


Did you get a Jeffree Star Mystery Box? Let us know what you received in the comments!


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