Misfit's Market review

Misfit’s Market Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | February 2019

Misfit's Market review

Misfit’s Market is a weekly or bi-weekly ugly vegetable subscription box. Choose from two different packages – the Mischief Box which contains 10-12 pounds of fruits and vegetables for $19 or the Madness Box (great for large families like ours) it contains 18-20 pounds and costs $34. Not a Tree Reviews paid for this subscription.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

Everything that we received in our second package from Misfit’s Market. This is FULL of stuff. The variety this week was pretty different from the first which means that you’ll get to change it up each week.


So what is all this stuff?

The Misfit’s Market Box doesn’t contain an insert – instead they post the possibilities in boxes on their site.


Butternut Squash

We received 2 HUGE butternut squash. As it’s winter these are hearty and seasonal and are great in soup or roasted with other veggies! In our opinion they are worth the work!


Sweet Potatoes

These are great because we can eat them (in moderation) on our meal plan. We typically make these in bulk and eat them for lunch over the course of the week. We received 3 LARGE sweet potatoes and 2 smaller ones.


Mixed Baby Greens

The first week from Misfit’s Market didn’t contain any of these plastic packages so we were kind of surprised to see them. This mix will be great to add to a green salad (we eat those very often).



There were 4 onions in the package (this is one of the only items that was duplicated). These are yellow onions so they are great to cook with!


Bell Peppers

While we did receive bell peppers in our first box we received only green. This box included 3 peppers in total, a red, green and orange. We love to create pepper salads – they’re super simple. Just add feta, white wine vinegar, a drop of oil and some shallot and toss it with the peppers. So good and healthy!


Collard Greens

Our husband was so pumped to have received these ( and quite frankly so were we). We make the most tasty collards as a side to take to parties and coincidentally enough we have one this weekend! We received 2 bunches of organic collards in our Misfit’s Market Box.


Green Beans

We received a bag of green beans. We did receive some green beans in our last box and have a few left. This serving is enough for a dinner portion for our entire family.


Mandarin Oranges

We received 16 mandarin oranges. We love giving these in a lunchboxes and so do our kids. These for sure won’t last long in our house!


Cherry Tomatoes

Finally in our box we received two packages of cherry tomatoes (or sugar plum grape tomatoes as it is stated on the package). These make another great lunch or salad addition and loved by the entire family!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly in our Misfit’s Market package.

Quality: We know this is an ugly produce subscription so we don’t expect beautiful items but everything is fresh and undamaged.

Curation: We took into consideration our first box and thought they did a great job of offering a wide variety! Another great box from Misfit’s Market.


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Misfit’s Market is a great way to get produce at an extremely affordable cost! Choose between the 2 box options and enjoy their great referral program!



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  2. Michelle Ridgway

    Customer service is HORRIBLE. You are not allowed to call anyone for assistance and those that respond are polite but brainless.

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