Want to Make Your Home Look More Masculine? Do This!

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Are you fed up of looking at those floral prints and feminine shades in the décor of your home? Do you want to transform the décor to give is a slightly more masculine appeal? Well, there are several nips and tucks that you can incorporate in the décor of your home to give it that masculine and rugged appeal. Today, we have put together a list of such macho décor ideas that you can use to upgrade your home. Here’s everything you need to know:


Don’t Be Afraid To Go Black

You may have noticed in many décor magazines that a lot of bachelor pads or homes with masculine decors tend to have a substantially large amount of black in the décor. From painting the walls black to using a charcoal grey or almost black wooden flooring, there are several unique ways in which you can give your home that macho appeal. You can also use thick black rugs and carpets in your home. Black is a bold and manly color and will work effectively to give your home that mannish décor.


Use Rugged Art On The Walls

Using rugged art on the walls can also be very effective in giving your home a masculine décor. Serigraphs with prints of motorcycles, pop art posters and pop art paintings, Aztec print paintings and other such options are ideal to give the décor that macho vibe. If you have a very high ceiling in your home, you can even consider suspending an out of order motorcycle from the ceiling to give the space a rustic and virile appeal.


Animal Print Rugs For The Floors

Very often homes with masculine décor tend to have a lot of black in them. In order to break the monotony of the black, many homeowners use animal print rugs on the floors. The animal print rugs tend to contrast the monochromatic color scheme of the place and give the surroundings that bachelor pad kind of effect. Zebra print rugs, leopard print rugs, tiger print rugs and other such options are ideal to give your home that rugged and masculine décor.


Artificial Landscaping Products For The Décor

Just because you want a masculine décor for the house that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little burst of nature to space. You can opt for interior landscape options to give the house that classy and upscale appeal. Indoor tropical trees are ideal to give the residential unit a dapper summery vibe. The artificial indoor trees will reduce the blast of machoism in the home décor and make it subtly masculine without making it look oddly out of place. The best part about using these faux landscaping products is that they require minimum maintenance and care. Further, you can also get your hands on fire retardant trees that will keep your home safe from any mishaps.


Minimalistic Décor For The Home

While women prefer to have a home that’s overflowing with gorgeous showpieces and other décor items, men prefer a minimalistic home décor. If you’re looking to give your home décor that masculine appeal, then you need to make sure that you opt for a minimalistic décor. Keep only those items of furniture that you actually use. Get rid of any unnecessary décor items and furniture pieces that are just catching dust. Make sure that the walk-in wardrobe also has a minimalistic style to it with limited clothes and accessories. This will help in giving your home décor that macho vibe.


Get Rugged And Rustic With Wood

Another effective way to give your home that rugged and rustic masculine décor is by using wood wherever possible. From thick and heavy wooden furniture to wooden floors, wooden walls and wooden staircases, your home will exhibit that log cabin kind of appeal that usually has a very macho vibe about it. Try choosing darker shades of wood when making a selection for the floorboards and furniture for that mannish décor.


Minimal Lighting Can Be Pretty Effective

Most bachelor pads have a very dark and mysterious vibe about them. The best way to ensure that your home exhibits a masculine décor is by using minimal lighting in the space. You can use lighting structures that emit subtle lights. Pendant lights, wall lamps, sconces and other such options are perfect for a masculine décor.


Thick Curtains And Drapes For The House

Unlike feminine décor homes, masculine décor homes usually have thick curtains and drapes installed in them. The thick curtains limit the inflow of light and give the surroundings and décor that dark and manly appeal. Black curtains, dark brown curtains, deep grey curtains and other such options are ideal if you want to give your home décor that mannish vibe.


Black Leather Headboard For The Bed

Lose that wooden headboard and replace it with a gorgeous black leather one. The leather headboard has a very masculine, rugged and mannish vibe to it and is often found in most bachelor pads. You can also choose leather headboards in other colors if you want the headboard to contrast the overall black décor of the bedroom. Some other color options that you can consider for the headboard include dark brown, tan, deep red, white and grey. You can also use leather armchairs, leather love seats and other such furniture items to give your home décor a manly feel.


Decorating your house in a masculine way can be great fun. You can almost give the surroundings a gothic vibe. The tips and suggestions that we have offered are tried and tested and will give you the desired results. We guarantee you will be utterly impressed with the outcome once you have incorporated these ideas. You don’t necessarily need to use these ideas in the entire house, you can use them in a single bedroom too if you like. Don’t waste another minute and start making the changes now. Transform your simple and boring home décor into a rugged, rustic and wild one.


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