the b.e.e. kids box review

The B.E.E. Kids Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | February 2019

the b.e.e. kids box review

The B.E.E. (brilliant, educated, empowered) Kids Subscription Box is a bi-monthly children’s subscription box that sends out high quality, innovative STEM and STEAM learning kits with 21st century learning incorporated. This subscription is geared towards children ages 8-12 and 12-15 items based on the theme of the box. Packages are hand curated by an educator and contains $70+ in value. Boxes are $54.95 each with reduced prices for longer subscription terms. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

first look in b.e.e. kids box

Our first glimpse inside the B.E.E. Kids Box #1

what's in the b.e.e. kids box

Everything that we received in our B.E.E. Kids Box. “Super Smarts” themed box.  This box forces introspection as your child tries to find their own personal intelligence which we think is a really cool idea!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts.

The first tells us what’s inside our box and gives us a little more insight into the point of this box.

Then there’s the parent letter. This drives home the focus of this box and the mission of the B.E.E. Kids Box.



Activity Book

Also included is an Activity Guide. This has fun activities and practices associated with the 8 intelligence

Here you can see the different activities that they included.


B.E.E. Kids Book

Next up we have the first in the B.E.E. Kids Book Series. It’s entitled Quest to the Queen Bee.

The story incorporates questions that help children answer questions that will help them ascertain their super intelligence. Penelope thought the names of the characters were hilarious. The story is about kids who want to be motivated, challenged and enjoy school but they each face different difficulties. On their way to the Queen Bee each kid takes the honeycomb path and has to perform different tasks to get there. Once they get to the Queen Bee she assures them that they are great in their own way and their fine just as they are!


Cape and Mask

To be a super hero with super smarts you have to have a cape and mask!

The cape and mask were of surprisingly good quality!

The cape was made from a double sided, satin like material.

And it has a cool Velcro closure.

Here is Penny rocking that cape and mask!


Utility Belt

There’s also a utility belt for all of our other items we need to carry!

We’re actually huge fans of a fanny pack (see what we did there) and this one looks really small and inconspicuous but holds loads!


Chart Your Smarts Test

Next is the real meat of this box, the Chart Your Smarts Test which helps kids determine which of the 8 different intelligence is their best!

These 3 pages ask questions that provoke and get kids thinking. Penny took this and really had a great time exploring her own personality! Penny scored high in both people and music smarts as well as words and art!


B.E.E. Bag

To put all of our new goodies in we also received this B.E.E. Kids Drawstring Bag  in B.E.E. Kids signature black and yellow colors.


GeoBoard Project

The kids knew what this was already, apparently they have them at school and all the kids really enjoy them! This is your “Maker” project for the month and has you arrange the rubber bands in different orientations.

Here’s Penny doing some of the puzzles!


Lanyard & ID

One of our little packages included everything you see here, a B.E.E. Kids lanyard, ID holder that has children list their super smart power and a good old fashioned slap bracelet!


In addition there was also a B.E.E. Kids Bookmark as well as a magnet with one of their characters on it.



We suspect it wasn’t a coincidence that the fun little treat they included were… Smarties! These didn’t last long at all!


Family Feud Card Game

Each of the following items were included because they represented one of the 8 intelligence. This Family Feud Card Game was included for the “People Smart” intelligence.


B.E.E. Kids Notebook

This notebook with attached pen was included for the “Self Smart” intelligence!


Winning Words Card Game

We love that we received so many games in this package (we are addicted to game night) and this one is a great way to improve your vocabulary! This Winning Words Card Game was included for the “Word Smart” intelligence.



These earbuds were a hot item in this box (meaning our girls fought over who got to keep them) and were included to represent the “Music” intelligence.


Nat Geo Kids Book

Next up is a book from National Geographic Kids, their Science Almanac which our kids are really into! We love the bright and engaging photos and the facts that are strewn throughout! This book was included for the “Nature” intelligence!


Modeling Clay

Second to last is 12 sticks of modeling clay. Hours of fun here guys, we’re impressed we rarely get modeling clay and think it’s a really fun activity for the older kids! This was included for the “Art” intelligence.


Metal Puzzle

This metal puzzle was included to represent the “Math & Logic” intelligence. Penny was about this, she loves these puzzles!


Jump Rope

The final item in our B.E.E. Kids Box is this bright green jump rope. This was included to represent the “Body” intelligence!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and arrived to us perfectly in our B.E.E. Kids Box.

Quality: We love that they create their own teaching materials and that those materials are selected and created by an educator! This gives us confidence in their knowledge and their products!

Curation: We felt like this first box in the series was a really cool experience. It asks kids to take a look inside themselves and find what they are good at and then also tells them that they’re great the way they are! It’s a positive way to enforce children’s own personal strengths and we can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future!


Subscribe to B.E.E. Kids Box

































B.E.E. Kids Box $20.48+


STEM kits that are curated by an educator to help enhance your child’s education with 21st century learning. Boxes have over $70 in value!

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