spice breeze review

Spice Breeze Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | January 2019

spice breeze review

Spice Breeze is a monthly culinary experience. Choose from the Duo – 2 pre-chosen spice kits from 2 different countries for $5.90 or the Quad that includes everything in the Duo plus 2 recipes that you choose for $11.85. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown

Everything that we received in our January Quad package. This packet even includes a special spice for New Years!


So what is all this stuff?


Acai Bowl

First up is a spice kit that comes from Brazil. Acai is a superfood that comes from the Acai Palm Tree. We love the vibrant color!

This spice packet includes just Acai powder


Ras El Hanout

Next up is a North African spice kit that can vary from mixture to mixture. Ras El Hanout literally translates to “Head of the Shop” and is just a cool way of saying… the best blend we have. The one included in this month’s package includes 23 spices.

In our packet we have cumin, coriander, paprika, black pepper, nutmeg, allspice, grains of paradise, ginger, nigella, caraway, cinnamon, rosebud, mace, anise, brown mustard, turmeric, chamomile, long pepper, cardamom, fenugreek, cloves, chili and lavender.



This Sichuan dish uses glass noodles or bean threads in it’s traditional form and soaks up the sauce made with ground meat. The recipe from Spice Breeze makes sourcing your ingredients a little easier by subbing glass noodles with spaghetti.

Our blend for this kit includes; cinnamon, fennel, garlic, shitake mushroom, black pepper, cloves and star anise.


Masoor Dal

Our final spice kit and the one that we decided to create for the month is an Indian dish that is their translation of lentil soup. You can choose lots of optional add ins with this recipe to suit your tastes. Our daughter loves lentil soup and has been pesting us to make it… so we went with this one for the month.

Our blend includes; cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, cloves, lemon verbena, turmeric, white pepper, yellow mustard, chili and coriander.

First we add two tablespoons of oil to a saucepan (we used a large stockpot).

Then we add our garlic and onion and cook until the onion is translucent.

Next you’ll add the Masoor Dal spices and saute for 30-60 seconds (really let those flavors get to know each other – we totally stole that from Binging with Babish).

Now you’ll add your coconut milk, water, lentils, tomato puree and salt and bring to a boil.

Once you do that you’ll reduce the heat and allow to simmer for 15-20 minutes.

This simple dish is so tasty and we added some shredded chicken to ours and then topped with some parsley!

Ta-da! This was a hit with the whole house!


Grains of Paradise

As a Happy New Year bonus we also received these Grains of Paradise than can be used in place of pepper.

So in summary

Presentation: Everything looks beautiful and arrives perfectly in our Spice Breeze package

Quality: We love that many of their ingredients are organic and they put lots of love into their blends!

Curation: We feel like Spice Breeze does a great job of really keeping their recipes fresh… nothing ever feels like a repeat!


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Spice Breeze $5.90+


Spice Breeze is an excellent way to learn exotic cooking techniques and find new and delicious flavors each month without breaking the bank!


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