cranium crate review

Cranium Crate Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | February 2019

cranium crate review

Cranium Crate is a monthly subscription box for the skull enthusiast. Each package contains a themed assortment of skull items that are hand curated. Subscriptions are $24.95 + $5 shipping monthly. Not a Tree Reviews received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

Our first look in the Cranium Crate package.

Everything that we received in our Cranium Crate. YES! This box has a “Coffee” theme and includes some useful as well as tasteful items.


So what is all this stuff?


Skull Decor

A fun little inclusion is this small plastic skull – this is more for decoration than it was an actual item but it’s still cool!


Cranium Crate Sticker

Cranium Crate included it’s own sticker as well. We love the skull design (it’s their logo) and think this is a really good quality sticker (the kind that you could put on your car).


Darkness Stickers

These stickers are so much fun and also a really nice quality. The caption is funny and the image is unique – we’ll take it!


DeadMan’s Reach Coffee


This coffee from Ravens Brew Coffee is a specialty, high speed blend of very rare coffees and has notes of dark chocolate and hazelnuts. We received a 3 ounce bag and think the packaging is awesome!

We think the names for all the Ravens Brew Coffees are FUN!

The back of the coffee bag tells us things this coffee will help you do, we think “Long Haul Trucking” is especially interesting!


Sugar Skull Coaster Set


These fun coasters add a pop of color to this assortment! We think these are really neat and work so perfectly with the coffee theme of this box.


Skull Teaspoons

$2 (each)

We already have one of these we use to scoop coarse salt but now we’ll have one for sugar and coffee as well! We think these are extremely unique and perfect for someone that loves skulls!


Deadman’s Reach Diner Mug


Our favorite item in this box is this awesome Deadman’s Reach Diner style mug. This side says, “Served in Bed, Raises the Dead”.

The other side is the same as the package art and has the logo on it. This is a really cool addition to this box!


Skull Sugar Cubes from Wicked Tea Party


And to round everything out we have these awesome sugar cubes from Wicked Tea Party who makes the most incredible tea cups!

There were 2 include, what better way could they have sweetened up this box?! See what we did there?


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly in our Cranium Crate

Quality: We really love the items and think the coffee is really fantastic and love the stickers as well.

Curation: We were surprised to see such a cohesive theme and it makes us really intrigued with what they are going to do in the months to come!

Box Economy : For the price of this box we received $27 in items which is a good deal!


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Cranium Crate $24.95


Cranium Crate is a great way for skull enthusiasts to get their fix each month with different unique skull themed items.

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