Raw Spice Bar Review | What Are Our Favorite Spices?!

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We review a lot of spice subscriptions and have tons of knowledge (thanks to those very subscriptions) about spices. We were sent a couple spices over from Raw Spice Bar – who we’ve reviewed their spice subscription before reviewed their spice subscription before but who also sells spice sets as well as single spices. We figured this would be a great opportunity to share with you ours and our husband’s favorite spices.

First up, is Mr. NAT’s favorite spice – smoked paprika. The one from Raw Spice Bar is 1 ounce and costs $7 each. This is grown locally on a farm in New Mexico and is slow smoked in bourbon barrels to give it a beautifully complex flavor and aroma.

Our husband loves using this as a rub for smoked meat. It’s surprisingly delicious on pulled pork! This particular blend from Raw Spice Bar is the most fragrant we’ve ever tried!


Now you might be asking yourself our own personal favorite spice. We’ve covered this a couple times over the years but we’ll reiterate. The moment we tried sumac we absolutely fell in love. This one from Raw Spice Bar is $7 contains 1 ounce of this Middle Eastern staple. Sumac starts out as a berry (probably why it has such a pretty purple color) and this particular Sumac is grown in Turkey where it’s chopped and packed in salt to keep it’s natural flavor. It’s important to note that many of the Raw Spice Bar blends and spices are salt free for people with diet restrictions!

We love using this in salads, on meats and pretty much on everything. The flavor is comparable to a citrus and is bright and lemony! We love mixing this with a bit of pomegranate molasses, garlic and olive oil and making a fattoush dressing!


Want to find your next favorite spice?

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