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ToucanBox Subscription Review + Unboxing + Coupon | March 2019

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toucanbox review

ToucanBox is a monthly children’s subscription box that sends you 2 fun crafts that focus on STEAM and engage your child in crafting, creativity and learning. Great for kids ages 3-8. Subscriptions are $12.95 + $1.95 shipping monthly but using the link in this post and the code ASHELI to get your first box for just $5! NAT was sent this box at no cost in exchange for an honest review

Check out the subscription box unboxing

Subscription Box Review

first look in toucanbox

Our first glimpse inside the ToucanBox. It’s really cute how they have it set up and neatly displayed.

what's in the toucanbox

Everything that we received in our ToucanBox. There are 2 crafts. Each of which are individually packaged. There’s also an instruction sheet for each.


What’s in the box?!

The first craft is creating a nature bag. Now that it’s getting warming we are pumped to get the kids outside and moving around and this nature bag encourages outdoor exploration!

The instructions are easy to follow yet thorough and there is even a little puzzle or challenge at the end of each craft!

We like that they bag each craft separately to make it easier on the parents!

This kit came with our actual bag, stencils, a paintbrush, markers, foil, tissue paper and nature bingo cards to take along with us outside as we find different things to add to our bag. There is one card for each season.

The next craft is racing jellyfish which looks totally cute!

Here are our instructions for this one.

Our kit to complete this craft.

Inside we have a bag with 2 suction cups, a bag with straws beads and googly eyes, 2 different kinds of ribbon, blue perforated sheet that will become the jellyfish and a variety of stickers.


Okay so now what?

Now we get to crafting.

We gather first, everything we need to create our nature bag.

We get a cup of water and lay out a piece of wax paper.

Now we lay out the aluminum foil and place the tissue rectangles over it. Then you’ll wet your paint brush and apply the water to the tissue paper (this stains so work on a surface you don’t mind getting messy).

Layer in a fun way – we let Oliver be as creative as possible.

Then you’ll place your bag on top and press to transfer the colors.

And finally you’ll add your stenciled shapes!

Our finished project!

Now we gear up to create our jellyfish race.

We pop out our jellyfish bodies and apply the eyes and stickers.

Next we tape the straws to the backs of the body (they have lines that show you where to put them).

Now you’ll take the yellow ribbon and add a sticker to each end (you’ll need to cut it in 2 pieces first).

Then you will thread a yellow ribbon through each jellyfish.

Then you’ll add 2 beads to each end of the ribbons.

Finally you’ll cut the blue ribbon into eight pieces

And thread through the holes on the bottom of your jellyfish.

Now they are ready to race – hang them from the suction cups and shimmy the yellow ribbon to get your jellyfish to the top!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us well packaged and in perfect condition.

Quality: We think this box sends really well thought out crafts!

Curation: We love how both of the crafts in this box are pretty quick but encourage playtime afterwards! We had so much fun completing these.

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Cute box that sends 2 crafts perfect for kids age 3-8. These crafts encourage learning, creativity and crafting!

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