universe bound review

Universe Bound Subscription Box Review + Unboxing+ Coupon | February 2019

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universe bound review

Universe Bound is a monthly science fiction book subscription box. They have many different boxes to choose from, we’re reviewing the Deluxe Box which contains 2 books, bath products, snacks and even more than their traditional box for $45. The monthly box contains 2 books and a themed assortment of items as well for $32.99 (the Deluxe box goes above and beyond with extras). They also offer a Read and Relax Box that contains tea, a single book, a bath bomb, tealight candles, tealight holder and tea infuser for $20. They also have Forward and Onward which is a subscription for writers that includes items intended to help writers collect and gather their thoughts and move on with the story. These boxes are $25. Shipping varies as this subscription ships internationally (except the Forward and Onward Box). Use code ASHELI10 for 10% OFF your first box in any length subscription. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

first look in universe bound box

Our first glimpse inside the Universe Bound Box. This is absolutely stuffed with items!

what's in the universe bound box

Everything that we received in our Universe Bound, “Experience” themed box. This is everything we need to not only get our reading on but also have a great movie night!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. There’s a few bookmarks, a card that explains this subscription as well as a card that lists each of the items that we received.

These are always really helpful in knowing how to use the items in your box.


Handmade Mug by Spinning the Clay Fantastic

This mug is listed as a wood fired wine mug and we can’t get over how beautiful it is. This is probably our favorite item that we received in this (extensive) box.

Members receive one of these mugs on their sixth month with Universe Bound. We love the inside as well!


Ancient Alien Salts

The first bath item in this box (and there sure are many) is this Ancient Alien Salts. This blend of Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt and baking soda are scented with their own fragrance called Purity.


Reactive Asteroid Dust

This bath bomb powder is used the same way you would a bath bomb but you just sprinkle it in! This is scented with their Victorian Clockwork scent.

We love the layering, isn’t it pretty?!


Candy Tin

Each package from Universe Bound comes with a tin of delicious candies. It’s typically a mix of Espresso Candy and Werther’s! We received 10 pieces in total.


Amish Country Popcorn

Because the box has an experience theme there needs to be an experience, right? Right! Our experience provided is a movie night. To have a proper movie night one must have popcorn! We received this package of baby white extra small popcorn that’s old fashioned and non-gmo.


Paper Bags

We also received 2 paper bags to create our own microwave popcorn. There was also a sheet that explained a few methods to making our own popcorn.


Popcorn Bags

The cutest part about this experience are these bags to put your popcorn in! It really gives this movie night a fun flair! We received 5 bags in total.


Brown Bag

This brown bag contains 5 Madeline’s from Sugar Bowl Bakery. We’ll share these with the kids!


Handmaid’s Tale Audiobook

We’ve watched the first two seasons on Hulu and are eagerly anticipating the 3 season in June. So you can imagine how stoked we are to have gotten this audio book. We aren’t sure when we’ll listen to it since it isn’t exactly kid friendly but we’re sure we’ll fit it in!


Hidden Figures DVD

Another movie we’ve wanted to see! This is the true story of a group of African America mathematicians at NASA who helped fuel some of America’s greatest achievements.


Dread Nation

One of our two books for the month, this is a zombie movie that takes place in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in historical times. This sounds like an interesting blend of social issues and scary zombies!


Jane our protagonist sounds pretty cool!


The Calculating Stars

Our second book for the month is LOOSELY connected to Hidden Figures and follows a group of women after a meteorite falls on Earth and calls for an accelerated effort to colonize space. This title also sounds really cool.

Both books in this box take place in the past (but include fictional events) but both seem so different and like great works of fiction.


Medusa Soap

Then we have another bath item, this Medusa Soap doubles as a loofah and soap.

These are really nice and make skin so soft and smooth and this one smells great!


Asteroid Bath Bomb

Next up we have this cool Asteroid Bath Bomb. It’s only fitting that with a book like the Calculating Stars we’d receive a mini asteroid.

This bath bomb is scented with Universe Bound’s Adruqu and is also peppered with tea!


Sample Fragrances

We also received 3 sample fragrances that Universe Bound uses in their bath products. We got, Adruqu, Serenity and Purity.


Stephens Gourmet Hot Cocoa

Next, we have another treat item for our experience night. This tube contains milk chocolate cocoa to enjoy with your popcorn!


Wood Wick Candle

We love wood wick candles and this one is scented with Universe Bound’s own Serenity Scent. The color is also really pretty!


Queen Ginger Tea

The final item in our Universe Bound Box is this tea that contains both Chinese Puerh Tea and Ginger to give you a warm blend with an earthy flavor.

This looks really pretty!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly in our Universe Bound Box

Quality: We love this subscription and think they do a really great job of incorporating handmade items into a book box which makes this very unique!

Curation: This “Experience” themed selection is amazing. This is by far the best box we’ve received from them and think everything came together perfectly!

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Universe Bound $20+


Universe Bound is a monthly book subscription box that blends books and handmade bath items. They have so many different boxes for all budgets and preferences.

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