sunroi mink ointment cream review

Sunroi Medical Formulation Mink Ointment Cream | Skincare Review

sunroi mink ointment cream review

The Sunroi Mink Ointment Cream is a medicinally formulated moisturizer, brightener and aging preventative. Sunroi is a Korean bio-pharmaceutical company that creates many innovative skincare products and more. This cream was sent to us at no cost for review purposes.

Skincare Review

This cream is a yellowish transluscent gel and comes in a 1.05 ounce tube. It has a mild smell but is the absolute perfect formulation for people with dry and cracking skin. This innovative cream is formulated with Adenosine, Niacinamide, over 10 different types of Peptides and Mink Oil which is a great skincare additive because of it’s rare omega 7 fatty acid which helps in cell repair.


Unfortunately, besides the ingredients that are highlighted on the Sunroi site that’s all we can find. The entire package is printed in Korean and we can’t read it.



We found this cream to be completely effective. It was moisturizing and didn’t leave our skin feeling greasy. It took a good five minutes for our skin to absorb but after that we were left feeling soft and supple. It does have a light scent that we weren’t really fond of but found that we could get over it because the product did such a great job moisturizing.



Something else you’ll want to think about before using this product is the fact that they do use real mink oil in it’s creation. The use of mink is popular for both it’s fur and it’s oil, while there have been many studies touting the effective properties of mink oil this may go against the beliefs of many. So, obviously if that’s a deal breaker for you… you’ll want to sit this product out.


So in summary

We really like this product but have to say it isn’t for everyone but we think that’s what makes it so effective.


Sunroi Site

Sunroi Mink Ointment Cream $35.99


Great cream for dry ski. This bio-pharmaceutical is great for both brightening, moisturizing and preventing aging. This does use mink oil.

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