jen's happy mail review

Jen’s Happy Mail Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | March 2019

jen's happy mail review

Jen’s Happy Mail is a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly self love subscription box. Choose between one of their 3 different box options; Book Subscription Box includes your choice of fiction or non fiction as well as an assortment of other snack items for $35.99 per box, the Self Care Box includes items from Jen’s Happy Mails small business partners and includes products that are focused on pampering you for $49.99 per box, finally there’s the Empowerment box that sends a top selling self growth book along with bath and body products as well as healthy snacks and more for $51.99 per box. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review jen's happy mail

Our first glimpse inside the Jen’s Happy Mail Box

subscription boxes

Everything that we received in our Jen’s Happy Mail Box. There is so much stuff in here and so many fabulous products!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts

Our first tells us the items that we received

And the second tells us the mission of this box, to help people suffering from depression and anxiety realize there are people that care.


Snickerdoodle Siren Protein Bites


First up in our box are these delicious protein bites from Siren. These contain 12 grams of plant protein and are proudly grain, dairy, soy and gluten free. Best part? That they are snickerdoodle flavored, we’ll be sure to enjoy!


Good Juju Ink Into the Woods Journal


This Thoreau themed journal is not only gorgeous but truly inspirational with this gorgeous quote on it’s cover!

We love the inside cover and how vintage it feels.

And each page is lined and stamped with a leaf. Use this to keep track of your dreams, projects or even just your everyday thoughts.


Girl Code Book by Cara Alwill Leyba


Our book for the month is “Girl Code” a key to unlocking the secrets to success, sanity and happiness for the female entrepreneur. We find books like this extremely motivating and are glad to have received it.

This book is a pared down way of looking at other females in the game and introspectively, yourself. Raise yourself up by raising each other up. This is a real girl power mantra book and we love it!


Buck Naked Soap Company Bath Bomb


We received the Purple Brazilian Clay Bath Bomb which smells absolutely fantastic and we love both the packaging as well as the fact that it has those fun oats on top!

We cannot wait to use this baby! This is a new to us brand that we need to know more about now!


Solid Lotion Bar from Live Beautifully Natural


We love Live Beautifully Natural! Their products are not only all natural but effective. We received this full sized, solid lotion bar in the Cool Tropical Citrus scent and have to say that this smells amazing! What a great scent for both spring and summer!


Copper Cow Creamer


Next is this packet of creamer that contains just two ingredients – milk and sugar. Add this to your coffee or tea for an enhanced flavor!


Live Beautifully Natural Solid Perfume


Next, we received a solid perfume inclusion also from Live Beautifully Natural. This scent was Summer Fields which has a note range of vetiver, sweet oak moss, baked Earth and wildflowers. A little bit of these solid perfumes go a LONG way, we love them!


Believe You Are That Good Wall Plaque

This wall plaque is great to put in a place that you’ll see it each morning. Set your intentions knowing that you can accomplish great things each day with this sign as a reminder! What a great positive affirmation!


LB Physiks Mask & Serum Kit

An offshoot of Live Beautifully Natural that we weren’t aware of, LB Physiks offers amazing skincare products targeted at different skin needs. This set is for oily skin so we’ll be passing this on to someone else (however, we will say this looks amazing and intrigues us about their other products).


Affirmation Card

We absolutely love this card because it’s the truth! It says, “Stick with the people who pull the magic out of you and not the madness.”


Tea Drops Turmeric


We received quite the assortment of Tea Drops in our package from Jen’s Happy Mail. The first was this Turmeric Drop. To use these you simply place these in your cup and add boiling water. Turmeric is known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.


Gorilly Good Jungle Mix


We also received a nice selection from Gorilly Goods! These snacks are healthy as well as tasty. This first package is the “Jungle” mix which contains a variety of fruits and nuts. We love snacks like this because they work into our diet!


Matcha Green Tea Tea Drops


Our next inclusion from Tea Drops is this square matcha green tea drop. We love how portable these are, take them to work with you, on vacation and even on the road!


Thai Tea Tea Drop

These Thai tea drops are sold on the Tea Drops site with the Copper Cow Creamer as a set. This was the only Tea Drop in the trio that we haven’t tried and the one that we are most excited about. Our stepmom is Thai and Thai tea is one of our absolute favorites and it’s hard to find where we live. They say to pair this with the Copper Cow Creamer but we argue that coconut milk is a much better option!


Gorilly Goods Activated Coast


Second to last in our Jen’s Happy Mail Box is this package of Coast sweet curry cashew and fruit snacks. We’ve had these before and think they are absolutely delicious!


Gorilly Goods Activated Hillside


The final item in this package from Jen’s Happy Mail are these pumpkin seed and kale snacks from Gorilly Goods. We haven’t tried this variety yet and think this sounds like it will be our favorite!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything in this box is packaged well and arrives to us perfectly

Quality: They really don’t skimp, they include high quality snacks and bath goods and we are absolutely loving the book selection

Curation: We feel like they really try to give you a mix that you are going to love and that reminder that you aren’t alone is such a happy one… we want to share it with the world!

Box Economy: This package had a total value of $64 which is a great deal

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Jen's Happy Mail $35.99+


Jen’s Happy Mail brings smiles to peoples face one box at a time. Choose from three different subscription options and enjoy all natural bath products, snacks and great books in each box.

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