Misfits Market Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + 25% OFF | April 2019

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msifits market review

Misfits Market is a weekly or bi-weekly ugly produce subscription box. Choose between their Mischief Box which sends 8-10 pounds of fruits and vegetables for $19 or the Madness Box which sends 18-20 pounds of fruits and vegetables for $34. They also have a referral program that gives both you and the new subscriber 25% off their next box. NAT pays for this subscription. Currently Misfits Market delivers to PA, NY, NJ, CT, DE, MA, VT, NH and RI but they are rapidly expanding. Join their email list to stay up to date on new delivery areas!

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Misfits Market Box for this week.


So what is all this stuff?

You’ll notice there are no inserts in the Misfits Market Box. Each week you’ll get an email with the vegetables that have been rescued, you won’t receive all of them but you will receive an assortment of them!


First up we have a huge head of broccoli! We love sauteing this in a pan with just butter and salt!


Then we have 4 assorted bell peppers. We love these for their versatility, enjoy them raw in a salad or make a stir fry. The possibilities are endless!


We also received 2 bunches of Lacinato or Curly Kale. This is organic and beautiful. We really don’t understand how most of these fruits and veggies are ugly. We enjoy using raw kale in a salad with just onion, salt, lemon juice and olive oil.


Then we have a pineapple (no crown). The kids love fresh pineapple so we’ll be including this in lunches.


There were also 2 butternut squash in our box. We love that these are included because they’re heart and perfect roasted or in soups. They usually incorporate a gourd or two because it does add to the weight of the box (because as you can imagine most of the other fruits and veggies are lighter)!


Yummy yummy English cucumbers! There were three of these – perfect for salad or just for snacking!


There were also 4 bunches of spring onions. Yummy – this is the first time that we received these in our Misfits Market Box!


Three bunches of radishes were also included in our box for this week.


We love when we get avocados and this week we received 4!  Yummy as garnish, snacks or in guacamole!


Our final item in this weeks Misfits Market Box are 4 lemons. A beautiful treat that all the kids in our house love (totally not kidding)!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything is packaged with the Earth in mind and arrives to us perfectly

Quality: We know they say they’re an ugly produce subscription but we think the fruits and vegetables that we received are great quality and many of them are organic which is awesome!

Curation: This box never feels redundant – we get such a great variety and they don’t seem to overdo any ONE thing too much!


Subscribe to Misfits Market

Misfits Market $19


Weekly and Bi-weekly ugly produce delivery service. Choose between 2 different box sizes and enjoy the wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

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