suzanne somers subscription review

Suzanne Selects Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | March 2019

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suzanne somers subscription review

Suzanne Selects is a monthly, bi-monthly or seasonal subscription box from Suzanne Somers that sends an assortment of her own line of beauty, wellness and skincare products. Products are full sized and boxes have a retail value of $125! Subscriptions are just $39.99! NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review
subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside Suzanne Somers Subscription Box

suzanne selects review

Everything that we received in our Suzanne Selects Box. This is the “Ageless Living Kit” and includes $140 in products!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This lists each of the items that we received.

The other side lists all of the ingredients of each of the products.


Restorelife Resveratrol


This 30 day supply of Resveratrol (a compound that is found in red wine) is a great supplement that supports youthful gene expression. To get the same amount of Resveratrol that’s in one dose of this supplement you’d have to drink 800 glasses of wine. We like a drink or two but … that’s a bit much!

We are excited to try these out! We’ve used creams with Resveratol before but prefer to ingest vitamins and supplements to reap their full benefits.


Ageless Mist Body Serum


The next item in our Suzanne Selects Box is this Ageless Mist Body Serum from the Suzanne Organics line. This 4 ounce bottle has a spray nozzle and distributes a fine mist of botanical actives across the skin of your body. This will restore the vitality of aging skin as well as nourish and make skin appear more supple! This is such a neat product, we’ve never heard of anything quite like this!


Ageless Serum


The next item in our box is another product from the Suzanne Organics line. This bottle has 1 ounce of product. This serum contains a formulation of African Birch, Sea Algae and much more that help to increase elasticity as well as plump skin and make it visibly smoother. This is great for use on your facial skin.


Sheer Satin Lipstick


The final item in our Suzanne Selects Box is this beautiful sheer lipstick in “Honey Glow”. We aren’t sure if each box had the same color as there are a total of six shades in this collection. The packaging is nice and sleek.

This is our absolute favorite item in this box. The lipstick is sheer and adds the most gorgeous flush of color to the lips.


So in summary

Presentation: We love the look of this box and everything arrived to us perfectly in our Suzanne Selects subscription box!

Quality: We love that there is an emphasis on using all natural, organic and botanical ingredients in this range and think everything was fantastic quality.

Curation: This “Ageless Living” assortment really came together quite well and we are so in love with the lipstick!

Box Economy: For the price of this box ($39.99) we received about $140 in products which is an incredible deal!


Subscribe to Suzanne Selects











Suzanne Selects $39.99


If you love Suzanne Somers products this is definitely the subscription box for you. Retails values are $120 plus for just $39.99 monthly, bi-monthly or seasonally!

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