misfits market review

Misfits Market Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + 25% OFF | April 2019

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misfits market review

Misfits Market is a weekly or bi-weekly ugly produce subscription box. Choose between 2 different sized packages – the Mischief which contains 8-10 pounds of fruits and veggies for $19 or the Madness (what we received) that contains 18-20 lbs of fruits and vegetables for $34. Use our link to subscribe and you’ll receive 25% OFF your first package. Currently Misfits Market delivers only to PA, NY, NJ, CT, DE, MA, VT, NH, RI. For an alternative check out the Imperfect Produce subscription box.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first look inside the Misfits Market Subscription Box

subscription box reviews

Everything that we received in our Misfits Market Box. This box is absolutely FULL of food!


So what is all this stuff?



We received 8 apples. These are great for snacks and the kids love them!



Last week we received some smaller radishes and this box brought us larger (golf ball) sized radishes. These look delicious! There were 2 bunches included.


Rainbow Carrots

Is there anything prettier than rainbow carrots? We think not! These have been on the online menu since we signed up (in lieu of an insert with the items you receive Misfits Market sends out a weekly email with produce possibilities) and we have been hoping to get some! We received 2 bunches.



We also received 2 large bunches of spinach. We didn’t realize what this was at first beccause we’ve never seen it with the bottoms on still!



We received 2 HUGE bunches of parsley. We aren’t huge fans but it’s still something we can use!



Yummy! We received 2 bunches of asparagus. This is one of our favorites and this much is good for two meals for our family!


Curly Kale

Our package also came with 2 bunches of Curly or Lacinato Kale. This is enough for one large kale salad for our family.



We also received a 7 beautiful oranges!



In addition to the other fruits that we received, we also got 4 mangoes. These were really close to expiry and had to be eaten right away.



There were 2 large rutabaga included in our box as well. We noticed they add a few larger root vegetables like these in every box but mix it up between sweet potatoes and others.



The final items in our Misfits Market Box are these 8 potatoes!


So in summary

Presentation: We know this is supposed to be ugly produce but this stuff is in excellent condition!

Quality: We love that the produce we receive is organic and from small farms around the US.

Curation: We receive a really great variety each week and nothing feels like it’s included too often – which is particularly nice since we do receive this box every two weeks!


Subscribe to Misfits Market























Misfits Market $19+


Misfits Market is a weekly or bi-weekly ugly produce subscription. Choose between their 2 different sized boxes and eat organic vegetables and fruits!

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