Platejoy Healthy Meal Planning Subscription Review + Coupon | April 2019

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Platejoy is a weekly meal planning subscription. Their website and app help you to stay on track with your diet with recipes and shopping lists for healthy meals that work with your lifestyle and family dynamic. Choose from three different options – the Meal Planner, the Weight Loss option or the Prevent Diabetes option. Subscriptions are $69 with a 6 month prepay or $99 for a 12 month plan. Your first 10 days are free of charge and you won’t be charged until those 10 days are up! Use code ASHELI10 for $10 OFF your purchase! NAT received a free week of Platejoy in exchange for this review

Subscription Box Review

The first thing you do when you begin to customize your Platejoy subscription is tell Platejoy how many people you’ll be cooking for and whether they are a child or an adult. You also have the option of adding their name and weight loss goals.


You’ll also tell Platejoy how you feel about batch cooking and whether it’s an option you’d like to explore. You’ll also be asked about the types of ingredients you want to try …  if you are looking more for tried and true family favorites or new flavors and ingredients.

Then you’ll let Platejoy know if you are on a special diet and how many carbs you want to consume in a day.

We were absolutely impressed with how thoughtful this survey was. It was really encouraging particularly when diet food can get really redundant (we know this to be true)! There are many diets (especially if a diet is new to you) that can feel overwhelming and struggling to find recipes that work with them can be just as difficult.

A really cool feature, particularly if you have food allergies or sensitivities is their “Foods you’d like to avoid”. This way if you are really adverse to a certain food or allergic even you can easily not have it appear in any of your recipes.


You’ll be asked also about your meat intake. We don’t have any restrictions currently but having been a vegetarian for 6 years this is a really great option. There isn’t a vegan option yet. Another thing to mention is that if anything changes you can go back and refine your Platejoy customizations.


You’ll be asked how you feel about seasonal produce and the variety you’d like in your ingredients.

Platejoy also gets real personal with the type of milk you drink and the bread you prefer. This really helps to customize the recipes (and subsequently the shopping list).

You’ll also be asked the kinds of rice and pasta your family consumes.


In addition to ingredients they’ll also ask where you shop and what tools you have on hand.

For each meal you’ll be asked how much time you have and how much variety you prefer. This is great because if mornings are always a rush .. you can choose a no fuss meal for breakfast and maybe have dinner be a little more fancy!



The Menu

Once you go through the survey and check all the little boxes and dot the I’s it’s time for the moment of truth! The moment when you see the delicious food you’ll be eating for the week!


Our breakfasts for the week are Sunny Side Up Eggs with Toast and a Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs, Turkey Bacon and Spinach. You can add another breakfast on if you like. The choice is up to you. We stuck with 2 because we don’t mind eating the same things (especially if they’re really good)!



For lunch we have a Veggie Burger on Whole Wheat Bun with Strawberries and a Mediterranean Stuffed Baked Potato (which sounds absolutely divine).


Batch Meal

Because we opted for the batch meals we also received this Pesto Spinach Artichoke Bake recipe which is good for 2 meals!


And for dinner we have Tilapia and Quinoa with Feta and Cucumber (which couldn’t sound anymore scrummy if you ask us)! Our second dish is Chicken & Broccoli with Herb Butter.



Yes! Platejoy even covers dessert and with 4 kids.. we are never not reminded of it! For our dessert we have Organic Strawberries and Dark Chocolate Squares. Both great, healthy options.


The List

The list is the most convenient part of this program. All your ingredients are included and you can go through and check off anything you have – leaving behind the remaining items to purchase. The absolute BEST part of this program is their App which you can download on your phone allowing you to access not only the recipes but also the shopping list whenever you need it! It makes shopping and cooking with Platejoy a cinch!


Okay so bring it to life! 

The first recipe we made from our Platejoy trial was the Sweet Potato Hash. We started out by sauteing our bacon and onion in a pan with a touch of olive oil.

Once it crisped up we added our spinach and sweet potatoes. This dish is colorful and beautiful!

We cook this until our spinach wilts.

Then we add our egg to the pan and cook to our desired doneness.

And just like that we have a delicious breakfast! This was so tasty and filling!


So in summary

Presentation: While there’s no physical box associated with this subscription we will say it’s extremely easy to follow the recipes and access the Platejoy Menus and Shopping Lists which is key to a digital subscription.

Quality: We feel like they do such an amazing job of tailoring the recipes to you and your family. We love all the different options you have for bread and milk and pasta and almost every diet is included! We feel like this would be so beneficial to people who are new to a diet or getting themselves accustomed to living with certain health conditions.

Curation: We feel like we received amazing recipes. Not only are they healthy and wholesome… they were delicious too!


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Platejoy is a digital meal planning subscription. This offers people following diets to access recipes tailored just to theirs and their families diets!

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