vnyl review

VNYL Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | May 2019

vnyl review

VNYL is a monthly record subscription service. Each package contains either 1 record or 3. The solo is $22 and the trio is $39. VNYL prides itself on customization so they connect to your spotify and try to curate a selection based on your style. Upon subscribing you’ll have to log in and select a vibe (more on this later) and VNYL will send you that curation. Notice there are no links… because if you want just the short version we wouldn’t recommend this subscription to anyone. We never give scathing reviews but well, never say never.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Everything that we received in our VNYL package.


So what is all this stuff?


New Arrangements

Our first record is from a Philly based group which is kind of cool. This is the more artsy one (our husband likes rock but he is also into some avant gard music as well).

8 tracks in total.


The Films

Don’t Dance Rattlesnake

This seems more our husband’s wheelhouse. More rock based, this aligns more with his usual music rotation.

This album has a total of 12 tracks.



Fall into the Sun

This last album sounds like we’ll probably like it.

12 tracks in total this album came in a limited edition “coke bottle clear vinyl” which is actually BOSS!


So in summary

We aren’t going to break this down the way we do typically. Instead we’ll summarize our experience with VNYL and explain why we would suggest you don’t subscribe to this subscription box. We bought our husband a one month trio subscription for CHRISTMAS. VNYL sends you a little card in the mail that gives the giftee a code to use to sign up. They do ask for credit card info but that’s not completely uncommon so we continued on. My husband selected his vibe and before they ever sent his first package he was charged. We were kind of raising our eyebrows at that one but… again if he liked it he had no problem paying for more. OK. So his first package comes and it’s cool. The records are nice and all that jazz (see that punny joke we made.) But no, seriously he was charged for records in February, in March when he hadn’t received them I got in contact with VNYL to see what was up. I was told he had to select his vibe AGAIN (in fact you’ll do that each month but the process is very confusing and their platform does a very poor job of conveying how this service works). In my history with subscription boxes – if you miss a cutoff date for customization typically you are sent a random item. I mean that makes sense… since you paid. But no, not VNYL. No email reminding him, no package, nothing. Not until MAY. Had he not cancelled he would have been billed EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. And VNYL wouldn’t have bothered to send him a darn thing!


So in lieu of linking to them I will link to the Music category on Cratejoy.


Cratejoy’s Music Category






Don't Waste Your Money $22+


This was a bad experience. Read the full review to find out all the details but while the products are good the communication between the service and the service itself is NOT. Would not recommend.

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