gramma in a box review

Gramma in a Box Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | May 2019

gramma in a box review

Gramma in a Box is a monthly subscription box for children that sends themed assortments that include everything you need to create 15-20 candy and cookie crafts. Subscriptions are $20 and if you sign up for an auto-renewing box your first package will be just $10! NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside our Gramma in a Box for May.

subscription box reviews

Everything that we received in our May, “Butterflies and Blossoms” themed box! Oh so colorful!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert.

This tells us about this month’s theme and lists each item that was included in this box.

We also receive instructions for each of the crafts that we’ll be creating.


Each package from Gramma in a Box includes 8 cookies. The first package has two large butterflies and two small butterflies.


Our second package of cookies includes two large flowers and two small flowers.


These mini pretzels will be used in our Pretzel Butterflies craft.


Our pretty lilac colored melting chocolate will be used in both our pretzel butterflies craft and our butterfly bark.


These rice krispies will be used in our butterfly bark craft.


These small strips of licorice will be used in our Pretzel Butterfly craft.


This fun, multi-colored sprinkle mix will be used in our Butterfly Bark. How pretty is this!


These multi-colored pereils will be used to decorate our cookies and for our Pretzel Butterflies.


These blue sprinkles will be used to decorate our cookies.


As will these purple crystal sprinkles.


The final item in our Gramma in a Box for May are our three tubes of frosting that will be used to decorate our cookies. These colors this month are fun!


Okay so now what?

Now we get to making!

First up we make our Pretzel Butterflies. We melt our chocolate and get our sprinkles, pretzels and licorice ready.

Then we dip each pretzel in the chocolate and connect 2 together. Then we add a piece of licorice.

Finally, we add our sprinkles! Lots of fun!

Next up we make our Butterfly Bark.

We add the rice cereal to the leftover chocolate and lay on our parchment paper and form into a square.

To complete this craft all we have to do is top with our rainbow sprinkles. Sorry this picture is so blurry.

Finally, we gather all the items we’ll need to create our cookies.

We always let the kids do whatever they’d like when they decorate the cookies. Here were some of their creations!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived perfectly to us in our Gramma in a Box for May

Quality: We feel like the recipes and crafts are great quality

Curation: We love these assortments. The theme for each month is always new and different and the crafts are always quick and simple. The perfect craft for little ones with lots of energy and short attention spans. Our kids old and young really love getting this box and enjoy creating and of course eating all of their creations!


Subscribe to Gramma in a Box


Gramma in a Box $20


Gramma in a Box is a great way to share fun quality time with your children each month. Perfect for children of all ages!

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