unplugged book box may review

Unplugged Book Box Subscription Review + Unboxing | May 2019

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unplugged book box may review

Unplugged Book Box┬áis a monthly book subscription box that sends you a seasonally themed assortment of self care items in addition to a new release book. Choose from their Young Adult Box (what we’re reviewing) that contains 4-6 bookish goodies as well as one hardcover novel for $34.99 monthly. You can also opt for the Adult Box that includes 4-6 bookish goodies as well as one book (either hardcover or paperback) for $39.99. Boxes also include challenges, recipes and playlists that add an extra fun element. If you subscribe for longer terms you’ll receive a reduction in cost and with code GETUNPLUGGED and our link you’ll get 10% OFF! NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside our May, “If Not Now When?” themed Unplugged Book Box.

unplugged book box reviews

Everything that we received in our May Unplugged Book Box. This is a great mix of items and we’ll get use of ALL of it! If you watched the unboxing video you saw that each item was individually wrapped which made this a lot of fun to unbox!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts for the month.

The first tells us the June Young Adult Them & a Vendor Reveal. The theme is “Create Your Own Sunshine” and each box will include a product from Novel Grounds.

The second insert lists each of the items we received. There was a mix up with one vendor for this month’s package so the item listed is a bit different than the one they included. We are glad they tried hard and still brought subscribers a mirror. This insert also contains a monthly challenge where you can post different items from your box on social media to win prizes – fun!

The final insert has a rice pudding recipe on the front.

And a fun Spotify playlist on the back.

Check it out!


Out of Print Hogwarts House Socks

The first item in our box are these cool Harry Potter House socks. Our daughter is a HUGE Potterhead so we hid these under her pillow as a little gift! Can’t wait until she finds them!

We love the colors and the fun pattern! What house are you? Don’t hate but we’re totally Slytherin!

Out of Print is also a philanthropic company (Yippee) and for each purchase made they help fund literacy programs and provide book donations to communities in need.


Girls of Paper & Fire Matcha Mask from Pure Bliss Body Confections

A Matcha Smoothie Mask sounds decadent and we can’t wait to try this out. We love that they source the products in their subscription boxes from smaller businesses – it’s always fun to try out brands you might not have heard about otherwise.

This is a powder mask, so you’ll have to mix it with water. It says to leave on for 10-15 minutes and then follow with your favorite moisturizer. And what’s more it has just six ingredients in total – so in addition to being decadent it’s all natural!


Six of Crows Mason Jar Exclusive from Unplugged Book Box

This mason jar was created exclusively for this box and is from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. We love this design and think this will be a great addition to our cup collection!

It says, “When you can’t Beat the Odds, Change the Game.” Quite a poignant remark if we say so ourselves!


Compact Mirror

The saying on this compact is also from Six of Crows. This was a replacement for the item that wasn’t included.

It says, “It was a Smile that he Might Die to Earn Again” which is really apt for a compact mirror.


Avengers Endgame Candle from From the Page

The next item in our Unplugged Book Subscription Box is this Avengers Endgame candle and was created exclusively by Callie from From the Page.

This 2 ounce candle has a really pretty, clean scent and also contains small star glitter in the purple wax, making it really pretty!


Abby Suso Lip Balm from Best Life Handmade

The next item is a lip balm but not just any lip balm. This lip balm is scented, “She Smells a Little Like French Toast” and guys.. it’s so yummy! This item is based on the character Abby Suso from Simon vs. the Home Sapiens and channels her ever optimistic energy.

This was made exclusively for this subscription box by Best Life Handmade.


Every Moment After

The final item in this month’s box is our hardcover novel titled, “Every Moment After”. It was written by Joseph Moldover and follows the summer after graduation for 2 young men who survived a school shooting. We feel like this topic is current and evocative and we cannot wait to dive in!

Unplugged Book Box only sends new releases (up to two months from the curation of the box) so you can be sure that you are getting fresh reads with their different subscription boxes!

Another really cool thing about this subscription box is that they send a signed bookplate from the author and also a signed letter. We really think this kind of subscription box makes a perfect gift to readers young and old in your life!

They also included a letter to read after you’ve finished reading Every Moment After. Clearly we didn’t want to spoil the surprise for ourselves by opening it.


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly in our Unplugged Book Box. We also really like that each item was individually wrapped!

Quality: We found that each item was made either by hand or came from a small business who puts a lot of love into their creations. So the quality was absolutely fantastic!

Curation: We love that this box includes exclusive items and signed items. That always makes opening it up that much more exciting but they also really proved how great it was with a well rounded assortment that every subscriber could use!


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Unplugged Book Box $34.99+


Unplugged Book Box is a great way to relax each month with an assortment of self care goodies and a new release adult or young adult book! This May Box included a great assortment of items!

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