a little touch of magick review

A Little Touch of Magick Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | May 2019

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a little touch of magick review

A Little Touch of Magick is a unique monthly jewelry subscription box with a twist. Each package contains  5 or more items that are tied to a short story, and are intended to bring that story to life. Subscriptions are $45.99 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription terms. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimspe inside the Little Touch of Magick Box. Boxes are always purple with purple packaging. It is always super pretty and everything is individually wrapped. Check out the unboxing above to see!

subscription box reviews

Everything that we received in our Little Touch of Magick for May. All of these items have been sent from Lochellan in the “Otherworld”. Each item represents an element of the story and we are really into this mix. Particularly the cross body bag.


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert.

This lists each of the items that we received along with their retail values.


Our short story of the month is titled “Reunion” and follows Lochellan a human who was raised by Spriggens on her quest to find her human parents. After finding out she isn’t quite human she find out that she is so much more!


Otherworld Portal Filigree Necklace


This beautiful necklace represents the portal to the “Otherworld”. We love the length and pattern of the design.

The mixed metals are a really neat touch. This is definitely a great statement piece and would look great with a simple blouse and jeans or pants!


Otherworld Springtime Sugar Scrub


Next up, in this month’s box is our Springtime scented sugar scrub from Le Noir Bazaar. This scrub is made from 100% pure organic almond oil.

The scrub is a light green color and has a great scent profile with notes of sweet basil, peppermint leaf, thyme, amber, marigold and violet. We love using sugar scrubs in hot baths.


Marigold Seeds

This packet of Marigold seeds was a box bonus! Since Lochellan was raised by fae that grow flowers and particularly Marigold’s, it’s no wonder that we received this packet of Marigold seeds. We’ll be planting these out front! You all know how much we love orange – so orange flowers will be a welcome addition to our variety.


Lochellan’s Pashmina Scarf


Something our protagonist wears is a scarf. This pashmina represents that garment worn by Lochellan. We love both the colors and patterns of this shawl however the colors did vary from box to box.

This is perfect for those days when it’s a bit too hot for a jacket or long sleeves but the breeze is just a bit too cool to go without some sort of cover up. This piece is elegant and beautiful!


Canvas Traveler’s Sling Bag


Our favorite item in this month’s box is this awesome cross body bag. Perfect for any outdoor event – where you only need a few essential items. We also love that in a big crowd you can feel secure knowing this bag is safely slung over your shoulder so it’s that much harder to be lost or stolen. This bag has your covered!

The style is very militant and basic which is one of our personal favorites.

And the hardware is a modern chrome style which we are also really fond of!¬† Can’t wait to use this over the summer!


Violet Beaded Bracelet


A front runner for favorite box item is this beautiful beaded bracelet. The color of the beads and their translucence is gorgeous.

Here it is on and we have to say that we are absolutely in love with this bracelet. The purpose adds such a bold pop of color!


Mini Kind Bars

Another box bonus for the month are these two Kind Granola Bars. Something Lochellan took with her on her travels were granola bars and so.. including them is an awesome idea. We received two different varieties of bars that were wrapped up really elegantly!

Both of these bars are 100 calories or less and made with all natural ingredients. We received Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt as well as Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew. Both of which were delicious and adhere to our own diet!


Musical Note Card


Each box from A Little Touch of Magick comes with a Note Card. We really like this, it inspires us to keep in touch with those we love the most! This month we received a note card with a musical note on it. This represents a party Lochellan overhears music coming from. Turns out that party was held in her honor but she didn’t know at the time!

All the cards that A Little Touch of Magick sends are blank inside but this one has lots of fun colors. We like it a LOT!


Bamboo Flute


In our story Lochellan only took a few items along with her. One of them was a flute. The final item in this month’s box is a bamboo flute, much like Lochellan’s. This is pretty and we’ll let the kids play around on it until it drives us insane and then we’ll hide it.


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly this month and we absolutely love how everything was individually wrapped. It makes this box so much more fun to unbox!

Quality: The quality of the items that we receive in this box each month is awesome. It’s such a great mix of beautiful jewelry as well as well made fashion accessories. There is no lack of quality in the Little Touch of Magick Boxes!

Curation: This month’s assortment was a wonderful one! We felt like we received the perfect grouping of items that represented this story. Each item is useful and the jewelry that came in this subscription box was absolutely gorgeous. We were most pleased with the cross body bag as we felt that most fit our own personal style!

Box Economy: For the price of this box ($45.99) we received over $173 in products which is an amazing deal! Love this subscription box!


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A Little Touch of Magick Box $45.99


A Little Touch of Magick is one of the more unique subscription boxes that we’ve reviewed. This “Otherworld” themed subscription is a great offering!


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