confetti grace box review

Confetti Grace Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | May 2019

confetti grace box review

Confetti Grace is a monthly DIY subscription box. The premise of this unique subscription is that you throw around kindness like confetti and gift some or all of your DIY creations to loved ones. Each package contains everything you need to create 2 crafts, 2 cards and gift packaging. Subscriptions are $28.95 monthly (this particular box is available through June 8th). You can also upgrade and receive 3 of each craft as well as three gift cards and packaging for $34.95. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Confetti Grace package.

diy subscription box

Everything that we received in our Confetti Grace DIY subscription box package for May. This box has everything (almost) we need to create 2 key holders! We love the aesthetic and that the pieces we create are intended to feel modern.


So what is all this stuff?

Here are our instructions, these are very detailed and we really like that they also give us a link to video instructions in case that’s your learning style.


Hose Clamps

We received 2 hose clamps that will hold our ball jars onto our key holder.


Acrylic Paint

We love that we received 2 different colors to choose from for the color of our key holder. The two colors included were pewter gray and burnt umber.


Sponge Brushes

To apply the paint to our key holders we also received 2 sponge brushes.


Ball Jars

To add an extra element of interest to our handmade key holder, Confetti Grace included 2 small Ball jars that will be attached to and serve as a container to hold change and other small trinkets.


Gift Bags

And of course as promised we also received 2 gift bags in the event we pass on both of our key holders to friends and family.


Wooden Boards

And our actual key holders. These two wooden boards have 4 pre-drilled holes to attach out hardware.



Something that we really love about this subscription is how nearly everything is handmade, right down to the gift cards. This box came with 2 gift cards that you’ll glue together. Once they’re done they’ll have little records on them! How cute!



This little packet contained the two transfers we’ll be using to decorate our key holders. The first says “Adventure Awaits” and the second says, “Welcome Home”.

Tucked behind them are two gift tags that we can attach to our gift bags.



This final packet includes a glue stick to aid in our gift card project, a piece of sandpaper and all the hardware we’ll need to complete this project. There are 6 hooks, 4 brackets and 2 screws.



Finally there is a small arrow charm which is super cute!


Okay so now what?

Now we get to crafting.

Our first job is to get the brackets on the back because this will be next to impossible once we’ve completed the project. We thought this was going to be a lot harder than it was… we were super surprised when we realized we could do this by ourselves without any help!

We tap both of our brackets in with a hammer and that’s it! You’ll need to provide both a hammer and a philips head screwdriver for this project.

Next we paint our boards. We decided to create both of our key holders at one time so you guys can see both the different options that we received.

Here is the pewter gray color (we’ll be keeping this one).

Here is the burnt umber color. We’ll be giving this one to our Mom.

This paint dries really quickly so waiting for these to dry so we could move one took just a couple minutes.

Our next step is to apply our transfer. We simply peel the back off the decal and place it where we’d like on the key holder.

Then we take an older gift or credit card and rub it over your decal to help it adhere. We love Chik-fil-A by the way…

Here is the Adventure Awaits transfer. We think this looks really cool!

We do the same thing for the second key holder as well.

And here it is completed! We think this will really fit in with our Mom’s style which is why we chose to give it to her.

The next step is to attach our hooks that will hold our keys. To do this we take a screwdriver along with a screw and open the hole up a bit. Then we twist the hooks into each of the holes.

Here it is with all the hooks. How cute does this look?!

Then we attach our hose clamp using the screw we used to open the holes for our hooks.

Once you’ve attached your hose clamp all you have to do to complete this project is slide your Ball jar into the clamp. Voila! Our completed key holder.

And the second holder that we’ll be keeping for ourselves.

But wait… there’s more!

We also assembled our card that we’ll be giving with this key holder. First we glue together our records and then glue them onto the actual card.

Then we add a small black jewel and draw the rest of the music note to complete the outside of this card. You can write inside anything you’d like and that’s it! You are done!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrives to us perfectly in our Confetti Grace package. We also love the detailed directions and how simple they made creating this project.

Quality: We feel like the end result of this project is a high quality piece of decor which is really cute. So often DIY subscription boxes leave you with something you don’t necessarily want or need but this project is useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Curation: Everything we received had a purpose. We love that we had to only supply a couple items and that everything in this box is intended to be handmade. And we really do feel like we are throwing around kindness like confetti.


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Confetti Grace $28.95+


Confetti Grace is a monthly DIY subscription box that allows you to gift the items that you created. This month we received  2 keyholder projects that were so much fun to make!

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