postbox stationery review

Postbox from Postmark’d Studio Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | May 2019

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postbox stationery review

Postbox from Postmark’d Studio is a monthly stationery subscription box. Each themed package includes 4-5 greeting cards curated from different small letterpress’, postage for each card as well as an artsy doodad. Subscriptions are $25 monthly. NAT receives this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the May package from Postbox. The box is slightly different this month but everything is wrapped just as carefully.

stationery subscription box reviews

Everything that we received in our May, “Blooming Blossoms” themed Postbox. This is the perfect assortment for the month that honors Mom! The stationery this month is dedicated to extra special details like die cuts, extra adornments as well as envelope details.


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This lists each of the items that we received. They also do a really great job of telling us a little more about the inspiration behind each of these letterpress’ that are featured.

The back of each insert also gives us an activity that can take the box a bit further. This month we’ll learn how to make paper flowers!


Each box also comes with a handwritten note which we think adds a really personal touch. The wax seal and flower this month are really pretty.


Flower Bouquet Card from Thimblepress


This elegant tulip bouquet is the perfect card to accompany a Mother’s Day Gift. We’ve received a number of cards from Thimblepress before who is located in Jackson, Mississippi.

We love that the card is like that of a real bouquet of flowers!

The coolest part is that once the recipient opens their card they can unfold the backing so it stands up. Great to display on a mantle or desktop.


Vintage Postage

In our Postbox from Postmark’d Studio we received enough postage to send all of our cards. They typically send out these really neat vintage stamps as well as a little graph that tells us what combinations to use to get the proper postage amount.

Here is our little graph.

Here is some of the postage that we received this month. We are really fond of that Arctic Expedition stamp!



This month’s postcard is a pretty envelope with flowers sitting on a mailbox which is the perfect contrast if you ask us!

Here is the reverse of our exclusive postcard.


Punch Bunch Mini Paper Punch


And what a great way to embellish our envelopes or letters than with a blossom hole punch! This definitely works perfectly with the theme of this month’s box.

After looking up this brand we were surprised with the variety of paper punches that they have but think this was the perfect choice!


Peony Card from Idea Chic


The next card in our collection comes from Idea Chic who coincidentally has their own stationery subscription featuring their own line of stationery. This card features a simple peony stencil. But what really makes this card stand out is the hand stitched detail on the envelope. How pretty is that!?

The cards from Idea Chic are created in Colorado on a vintage 1930’s Chandler and Price press.


Hydrangea Card from Appalachia Press

While we couldn’t find a price for this beautiful card it is our favorite of the bunch. The shading and color of the flower is beautiful and the simplicity has a really old time feel while the ribbon for the leaf is a unique and thoughtful way to make something 2 dimensional really pop!

Appalachia Press is located in Roanoke, Virginia and is the work of printmaker John Reburn


Floral Bird Card from Petra Boase Ltd. 


The final greeting card in this month’s collection is this very cool card from Petra Boase a UK based eclectic brand. The bird on this card is super cute and you all know how much we love birds… but wait that’s not all. This bird is actually and iron on patch that you can put anywhere your heart desires.

All you have to do is peel it off and iron it on. We are into the bright pop of color they used with the envelope. It gives this card a little extra whimsy.

There are full instructions on how to iron on the patch on the back of the card.


Subscriber Bonus Thank You Mini Letterquette from Moglea


Moglea creates beautiful and modern stationery and other lifestyle items. This mini letterquette was included as a subscriber bonus and is a great set to have on hand for all those moments you need to just say thank you! This set includes a total of 12 cards and envelopes.

These are beautifully bound and were inspired by an Eaton Letterquette found by the creator at a vintage store. We love the color of the envelopes.

A little bit of the story is included on the back. Moglea is created in Des Moines, Iowa. They have the coolest cell phone cases on their site!


So in summary

Presentation: Opening Postbox from Postmark’d Studio is one of our favorites. Everything is always beautifully packaged and each of the cards is just so perfect for each collection. Everything in our box this month arrived to us perfectly.

Quality: Considering each of these cards is handmade on a letterpress we think it’s safe to say the quality of the items included in this package is extremely high. We’re also loving each the extra features these cards have.

Curation: This “Blooming Blossom” themed box is an excellent collection of beautiful as well as unique cards that are perfect to pass on to all the Moms in your life but can easily be used for a multitude of other purposes.

Box Economy: For the price of this box ($25) we received one items WORTH THE ENTIRE VALUE OF THE BOX! While we couldn’t find the price of one card we still came up with a value of $48 which is an absolutely amazing deal if you ask us!


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Postbox from Postmark'd Studio $25


The Postbox from Postmark’d Studio is an incredible themed monthly box of stationery and cards from different letterpress. This May assortment featured unique cards with a beautiful blossom theme!

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