snail mail sticker club review

Snail Mail Sticker Club Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | May 2019

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snail mail sticker club review

Snail Mail Sticker Club is a monthly sticker subscription box that sends 10+ sheets of stickers in many sizes that promote positivity and happiness. You’ll also receive 2 affirmation cards and a frameable 5×7 postcard in your package. Subscriptions are $12 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription terms. Shipping US and CAN are free and $6 worldwide. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

sticker subscription reviews

Everything that we received in our very first Snail Mail Sticker Club Package. There are SOOO many stickers in here. Where do we even start? These definitely do bring us joy and make us smile.. so we are off to a great start!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This tells us a little bit about this month’s package, it also explains our affirmation for the month.


Frameable Postcard

Our 5×7 postcard for this month says “Yeah You’re Awesome”. We love the color combination!

Not sure if we’ll be sending this off to a friend or keeping it and framing it. Either way – it’s super cute!



We receive 2 affirmation cards in each package from Snail Mail Sticker Club. One to keep and one to share. This month’s affirmation is, “I am up for the challenge”. What a great way to offer yourself positive reinforcement and also pass along those positive messages to loved ones!


Green Star Sticker Sheet

Our first sheet in the May Snail Mail Sticker Club is this sheet of green stars which works perfectly with the “Up for the Challenge” theme. We may use these for positive reinforcements for our kids.


Balloon Animal Sheet

Our next sheet features cute little balloon animals. This is really unique and is full of color and charm. This is the type of sheet we’d let our kids put on a piece of paper during some free time. The balloon turtle is our favorite on this sheet!


Honeybee Sheet

Up next is this smaller sheet of little honeybees in various poses and performing different activities. You can’t really see here but each of the bees has glittery wings which we think is really cute. This could be great on your May planner page since bees are doing all their oh so important work this month!


Hot Air Balloon Sheet

This hot air balloon sheet is whimsical and fun. Add these stickers to the outside of an envelope or create a fun outdoor summer scene with your kids. The bright colors and fun patterns are sure to bring a smile to your face!


Filigree Bird Sheet

Our favorite sheet that was included in this package is this golden filigree bird sheet. These ornamental designs are fun yet very elegant in gold. We love how unique these are as we’ve never seen stickers quite like this. We aren’t sure where we’ll put these but it will be somewhere visible because these bring us absolute joy.


Forest Creatures Sheet

Next up is this sheet full of different woodland creatures and objects. There are deer, foxes, hedgehogs, raccoon, flowers, snails, squirrels, rabbits. mushrooms, beavers, mice, owls and so much more. This is another sheet that we think our children would really love, so we’ll be letting them use these.


Jungle Animal Sheet

Another sheet of animal stickers but this time we have a cartoon style jungle animal assortment. Colorful and engaging, these are cute and another great sheet to share with the kiddos! We couldn’t help but be impressed as we went through each of the sheets in this subscription


Scratch n Sniff Jelly Bean Sheet

Talk about a blast from the past! Scratch and Sniff anything was such a sought after commodity during our grade school years that we were instantly taken back. We think we’ll be using these as good behavior rewards for our children. Except the licorice one… that is definitely for bad behavior!


Button Sheet

Next we have a sheet full of buttons. This would be an excellent way to decorate a planner page. Just add some other vintage embellishments and you’ll have an excellently designed page. There are so many different buttons on here, this is definitely one of our favorite sheets that was included.


Gardening Sheet

Second to last we have this adorable gardening themed sheet. This sheet kind of allows you to do your own thing and create with stickers. You could use this in a planner or even decorate a planter… (see what we did there) badump tiss… we’ll be here all night folks! You could of course also make a scene with this sheet as well but we like these stickers so much we want to see them all the time!


Reef Fish Sheet

The final sheet in our Snail Mail Sticker Club package is this sheet of different fish that live in the coral reef. Another great sheet for your summer planner sheet months or a great sheet to share with the kids and create a cute underwater scene. We love the holographic appearance and think the kids will as well!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was package well and arrived to us perfectly in this first edition of the Snail Mail Sticker Club Subscription! We love that they include the postcard and affirmations as that gives this sticker subscription a unique feeling when compared to other sticker packages.

Quality: We liked all the stickers that we received and think many are applicable in a number of different situations. Each sheet was high quality to boot which is excellent!

Curation: The variety of this package was awesome and there was just so many different stickers included. We think this subscription would be great for a sticker collector, planner junkie or Mom who wants to give her children something fun to do that isn’t super messy! We received 11 sheets in total which is awesome – both ourselves and the children will have fun using these!


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Snail Mail Sticker Club $12.95


Snail Mail Sticker Club is a monthly reminder that you are joy! Each package comes with 10 or more sheets of fun and useful stickers. This May debut package was packed full of cute stickers that we will absolutely enjoy.

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