japan okashi box review

Japan Okashi Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | May 2019

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japan okashi box review

Japan Okashi Box is a monthly Japanese snack subscription box. Each package includes 15-20 treats and snacks as well as 1 surprise gift. Subscriptions are $39 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription terms. Japan Okashi also offers FREE worldwide shipping and ships from Japan. Use code FIRSTORDER at checkout to receive up to 20% off. NAT receives this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box reviews

Our first glimpse inside the Japan Okashi Box. This box is absolutely stuffed with snacks and treats! We couldn’t wait to see what was inside!

japanese snack boxes

Everything that we received in our Japan Okashi Box. There’s about 20 snacks in here which is A LOT! Some we’ve heard of in the past and some we haven’t so this is going to be a LOT of fun! The unboxing is also a tasting review so if you want to watch while we try some of these snacks check that out above!


So what is all this stuff?

Our inserts.

First we have a list of items that were included in this box.

Then we have our surprise gift which is a packet of sticky notes and page flags that feature a really cute sleepy polar bear!


Ichigo Mugikko

The first item in our box are these little strawberry chocolate coated corn puffs. These were a sweet treat that our kids really liked! We think the package is super adorable.


Tsuno Edamame

These little chips are made with edamame which is a huge hit with our family. The actual chip was less green than they appeared on the package but were extremely flavorful! We ate this bag in just one sitting.



Next up in this small box is a treat from snack giant Meiji. These yogurt flavored tablets are tasty and a lot like a Sweet Tart but actually sweeter and creamier. So really… they’re only just shaped like a Sweet Tart!

They come on actual tablet packs like medicine!


Tamanegi-san Taro

These onion flavored corn puffs were super tasty and we love the packaging. We ate these all in one sitting! It’s important to note that the list of items included in the box also includes an ingredients list in case you or anyone in your life has food sensitivities or allergies.


Gummy Choco

Our next sweet treat is exactly as the name describes it. You have a strawberry gummy covered in chocolate. These are really sweet, a great treat for the kids. Our box has the Olympics seal on it as well!

Here are three of these tasty little treats!



Made by Glico, Pretz are one of the more popular Japanese treats. We received a packet of the lightly salted variety.


Puchi Potato

We received an entire sleeve of these mini potato chips. We gave these out for afternoon snack and the kids really enjoyed them.

These are a little bit salty and have seaweed and soy sauce flavor. Pretty yummy!


Pureralu Gumi

Next in our Okashi Box is a bag of apple flavored gummies. These are similar to Turkish Delight gummies in their shape and structure.

We were surprised with the brightness of the flavors of these gummies!


Kotsubo Poteko

From Tahato the makers of those delicious caramel corn puffs we have this potato flavored snack.

These have a lot of crunch and are just little rings. We think they’re pretty cute!



This box that seems a bit inspired by a vintage vibe is full of creamy, taffy like wrapped candies. These are great to keep in your purse or car as an on the go snack!



Next up are three different flavored Umaibo. These are puffed corn tubes with super fun packaging. From left to right is chicken curry, teriyaki and finally there’s Mentai.

These are one of our personal favorites because of all the fun flavors that they have to offer!



Next up is another one of our absolute favorites. These chili flavored sticks are a bit spicy and super crunchy. The peanuts give them a nice amount of richness as well!


Young Donuts

These caught our eye as soon as we opened the box. This package of four small donuts was sweet and tasty! We’d love to say that we shared these but we didn’t.. we ate them all ourselves!



This sweet and salty sesame flavored rice cracker reminds us very much of a rusk and is every bit as tasty! We really like this a lot!


Black Thunder

We also received 2 of these chocolate on chocolate chocolate, bars. We’ve never had these before and thought they were really good (and we aren’t huge chocolate fans)!


Matcha Kit Kat

One item that we were most excited about receiving in this box are these 2 matcha flavored Kit Kats and they did not disappoint! They had that low, subtle and mellow flavor of green tea in a sweet candy bar form. We are so happy that we finally got to try these!


Grape Hi-Chew

The final item in our Japan Okashi Box is this package of grape Hi-Chew. We love Hi-Chew but don’t think we’ve ever seen just a grape package. We put one of these in both our daughters lunches this morning as a special little treat!


So in summary

Presentation: We always love when things come from overseas. There’s something really cool about all the customs labels. This box despite it’s long trip arrived to us beautifully package and in perfect condition!

Quality: Japan Okashi keeps it really authentic and only sends real Japanese snacks directly from Japan. We love that about this box!

Curation: This box is so full.. what more can we say?! They provide an excellent amount of both sweet and savory snacks to appeal to all peoples preferences and we also feel like they gave us some of the more popular snacks and treats and some of the lesser known items as well!


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Japan Okashi Box $39


The Japan Okashi Box takes you on a tour of Japan through okashi or snacks and treats. This box was full to the brim of delicious treats that our entire family enjoyed!

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