Kirkland Perfume Blending Collection Review from COSTCO!

kirkland perfume blending review

As we were perusing the shelves of one of our favorites stores on Earth, Costco; we happened upon this 10 piece perfume blending collection from Kirkland. Best part … it was just $10. We couldn’t pass it upWe couldn’t pass it up! Of course that is the members price so if you aren’t a member it will cost you $14.99… but still that’s a killer deal. We decided we’d also review it for you guys since it is a fun product and we really enjoyed it!


This set comes with 10 different rollerball fragrances in a cute little display box.

The back of the package explains how you can blend each of the fragrances together.

We also receive 12 recipes created by an expert perfumer. There’s sweet dreams, pink bubbly, secret garden, tidal, tropical escape, Sunday morning, bare skin, cashmere glow, clean linen, flower shop, after hours and fireside embrace. You also receive 2 recipe cards to record your own favorite creations.


The first scent that we received is wood – which they describe as indulgent, earthy and seductive. It has top notes of bergamot and lemon, middle notes of sheer jasmine, saffron and cedarwood and a base of sandalwood, vanilla and musk.


The next scent is Spice which is described as being exotic, addictive and mysterious. This scent has top notes of pink grapefruit, peach and bergamot. The middle has notes of violet petals, jasmine and apple blossom and a base of crystallized amber, sandalwood and praline.


Next up we have Gourmand which is described as being warm, creamy and sensual. The top notes of this are sheer jasmine, the middle is vanilla and the base notes are caramel, tonka bean and musk.


Then there’s Clean Musk. This fragrance is described as being pure, clean and irresistible. This has top notes of bergamot, red currant and jasmine. The middle notes are violet, muguet and peony and the base notes are white musk, amber and vanilla.


Our fifth fragrance and our personal favorite is citrus. Our all time favorite perfume is Clinique Happy if that gives you an idea of our fragrance preference. This scent is described as vibrant, sparkling and zesty. The top notes are bergamot, blood orange and lemon. The Middle notes are sheer jasmine and watermelon. And the base notes are musk, moss and blond wood.


The next scent is Green which is described as being fresh, vibrant and energetic. It has top notes of dewy greens, ivy and pineapple. Middle notes in this fragrance include violet and pear and the base has notes of blond wood and musk.


Our Marine scent is described as being clean, fresh and watery. It has top notes of casaba melon and marine accord, with middle notes of jasmine, freesia and rose. The base has notes of amber, musk and vanilla.


Our final three fragrances comprise the florals – the first being Fruit Floral. This is described as being playful, flirty and fresh. It has top notes of green leaf, red berries and Italian Melon. The Middle notes are violet petals and cashmere wood. The base notes of this are woods and musk.


The second floral is Pink Floral which they describe as sheer, feminine and romantic. The top notes are watermelon and raspberry. The Middle notes are peony, wisteria and green apple and the base notes are musk and amberwood.


Our final scent is White Floral which they describe as classic, modern and elegant… this is another of our favorites (in fact we love layering citrus with white floral). This has top notes of fresh jasmine, bergamot, apple and middle notes of gardenia, white tuberose and ylang ylang. The base has notes of sandalwood, cashmere wood and musk.


So what do you guys think? We think for $10 this is a solid purchase especially when you factor in the presentation! It all looks so pretty and we are having so much fun trying them all out and blending!


Want one?


Get Your Kirkland Perfume Blending Collection

Kirkland Perfume Blending Collection $10


This perfume blending collection is the perfect way to learn more about different fragrances and find your own signature scent. All of this for the price is a great deal!

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