bonjour jolie june review

Bonjour Jolie Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | June 2019

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bonjour jolie june review

Bonjour Jolie is a monthly time of the month subscription box. Each package includes a themed assortment of; a hand curated gift, bath and body items, teas, confections, feminine products, wipes and pain reliever. Bonjour Jolie also tailors boxes based on any dietary restrictions you may have. Subscriptions are $23.50 within the US with reduced prices for longer subscription terms. If you live in Canada boxes will cost $30.50 and worldwide boxes are $36.50. You can also “Try A Box” without the commitment of a subscription for $20.99. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Bonjour Jolie Box for June. We love the themes and you can see immediately this box has a, “To the Moon and Back” theme!

time of the month subscription

Everything that we received in our June, “To the Moon and Back” themed box. We think it is super cute that even our snacks had words like star and moon in them! This is so clever – and it’s a huge part of the reason we love this box so much!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This lists each of the items that we received along with their retail values.

The back gives us a really cool special bonus gift – naming our own star on!


U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons

The first item in our box for this month is this box of 18 regular absorbency tampons. These compact tampons are smaller and easy to tuck away in a pocket or drawer! What time of the month box would be complete without some feminine hygiene products!?


Angelino Stars Cookies


This box always includes the best assortment of treats and snacks. The first in the June box are these “Stars” cookies that contain cream filling. We’ve never heard of this brand and sure will enjoy these … maybe not in moderation though!


Starburst Minis


Oh boy, do they know the way to our heart! We love Starburst in any carnation. These minis are so chewy and delicious! We shared this package with the kids and they (you aren’t going to believe this guys) loved them!


The Bomb Gals Galaxy Bath Bomb


One thing in life we couldn’t live without are bath bombs…. seriously what did we do before them? This bath bomb from The Bomb Gals is made with vegan plant based ingredients and isn’t tested on animals.

We love that we received a “galaxy” bomb better fitting the theme of this box!


Milky Way Bar


Another snack that is a perfect fit for this space themed box! We found a way to fit this into our macros for the day. Sometimes you just have to eat a candy bar and enjoy it!


Moon Pie


Taking it back to the old school! This chocolate Moon Pie is a classic snack cake – we are actually really excited to share this with the kids and see what they think of it. If you’ve never had one of these it’s two cookies sandwiched in marshmallow and coated with chocolate.


Perdido Bay Sweets Galaxy Lollipop


The final snack in this month’s Bonjour Jolie Box is this delicious lollipop from Perdido Bay Sweets. These lollipops are handmade in small batches. This is a “galaxy” pop and keeps with the theme of the box. We haven’t tried this yet so we aren’t sure just what flavor a galaxy tastes like! What do you think?


Hikari Cosmetics Glitter Mask Duo Set


The item in this box that we are most excited about are these peel off face masks from Hikari Cosmetics. There are 2 in total and they are true peel off masks which we really love! These are made of gold stardust and skin loving vegan ingredients that purify as well as firm skin for a healthy glow. We have tried Hikari Lippies in the past before and really liked them but have never tried their skincare items so we are excited to give these masks a go!


Bigelow Tea Assortment

To satisfy the tea portion of this package we received 3 tea bags from Bigelow Teas, the only tea plantation in the US. We received Perfect Peach Herbal Tea, Red Raspberry Herbal Tea and Raspberry Royale Black Tea. We’ll let our daughters have the two herbal tea packets as they love fruit flavored teas!



Next we have some Midol pain reliever. This is a great addition and there are 2 pack included for a total of 4 pills. These are great to tuck in your purse, console, desk drawer or where ever. And they double as a headache medicine in a pinch! You can never have too many of these!


Summer’s Eve Hygiene Wipes

Another great portable item that was included in this box are these feminine hygiene wipes from Summer’s Eve. Keep these in your purse or where ever for freshness on the go! We received 2 packets in the Sunset Oasis scent (which we’ve never used before).


Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch

The final item in our June Bonjour Jolie package is this pain relieving patch from Tiger Balm. This was included as a box extra and uses herbal ingredients to minimize pain for hours. The patch is less messy than the traditional balm and doesn’t smell either! While you can use this for cramps you can use all over your body for localized aches and pains. We love these and think they’re great after particularly tough workouts!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged so cute and arrived to us perfectly in our June Bonjour Jolie Box.

Quality: We love the items that were included. The bath bombs are handmade as well as the lollipops and we received some great skincare which is always welcome

Curation: We feel like this assortment was so adorable and everything came together perfectly. The theme was executed perfectly and they hit this box right out of the park!

Box Economy: For the price of this box $23.50 we couldn’t find all the prices of the items but we know we received at LEAST $34 in items which is a great deal.


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Bonjour Jolie $23.50


Bonjour Jolie is a great monthly time of the month box that sends themed assortments of pampering goodies to get you through that time of the month! This June Box had a, “To the Moon and Back” theme and was awesome!

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