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Finders Seekers Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | June 2019

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finders seekers review

Finders Seekers is a monthly puzzle subscription box. Each package includes a mystery set in a different city each month. You’ll crack codes and solve puzzles and each is integrated in an interactive online site devoted to that month’s package. These are family friendly (meaning there is no murder) and are recommended for ages 10+. Subscriptions to Finders Seekers are $30 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription terms. Use code CRATE10 and our link to get a special discount at checkout. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Finders Seekers Box for June.

puzzle subscription boxes

Everything that we received in our June Finders Seekers package. This box’s mystery takes place in Las Vegas and has an Oceans 11 theme! To prevent Danny Ocean’s next heist we’ll have to find 10 cryptic cards that help us determine the location, time and day of the big event.


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This tells us everything that came in our box and also tells us where we need to go to find out the clues to this puzzle!


This transparency will be used to determine an answer to a mystery!


One of these bills isn’t the same! You’ll have to find the code for the bill that isn’t the same as the others!


This poster will be used in addition to the transparency to reveal a secret word that unlocks the next level.


The flyer for a mall has a special code you’ll need to reveal a word that will be used to unlock the next level.


There’s just enough information on this that it could go a number of different ways.


This deck of cards will be used to complete this “find”. Each of the ten puzzles has us remove one card for a final puzzle where we search the cards for the time, location and date of the heist that’s being planned!


These cards have the Finders Seekers logo on them.


This box also came with a magnifying glass (each box from Finders Seekers does).


These three metal electrical rods will be used in our circuit board puzzle.


The final item in our box is our circuit board that will be used in coordination with the metal rods above.


Okay, so now what?

Now we get to solving some puzzles.

Our husband usually takes the lead on puzzle subscriptions. The first thing he wanted to do was to sort the deck in order by suit… and so that we did.

Our first puzzle is entirely online. You’ll use a graphic (a Las Vegas sign) and find a secret code to input on the site. It’s plasma! When we solve this puzzle the site tells us to remove the Jack of Clubs from the deck and set it aside for later.

Next is our circuit board puzzle. This has a little code that is going to reveal Roman Numerals (we had to figure this out) made out with the metal rods that were included in this box.

This puzzle involved the Hoover Dam and standing atop taking in the breathtaking view you are handed this circuit board. The code that got us through to the next round was 6349. And after we got this right we were prompted to remove the King of Diamonds and set it aside for later.

Our next puzzle takes place on Fremont Street and one of Ocean’s men is going to hand you off a card but first you must give them a secret code.

Our code can be found in one of the serial numbers of these bills. M13 is the code that we need (we had to use the hint for this puzzle). Once we solve it we are prompted to remove the Three of Spades from the deck.


The next puzzle is online only and takes place on the strip at a high stakes poker table. You’ll need to determine the 2 missing cards in this seemingly random assortment. We look diagonally to find that we need a heart and a diamond. And then we use some addition and subscription to figure out that we’ll need the four of hearts and the Jack of Diamonds to solve. Once we solve this we’ll be prompted to remove the Jack of Diamonds and set it aside for later.

Our next puzzle involves finding lyrics that repeat in three different songs. The three words that repeat end up being Love you still and when we solve this puzzle we are prompted to remove the Nine of Clubs from our deck and set it aside for later.

Next is our transparency. When laid correctly over the space poster we get the word, “ACROPHOBIA” which we’ll use to solve this puzzle. Once that’s done we’ll be prompted to remove the King of Hearts from our deck and set it aside for later.

Next is our barcode puzzle. You’ll need to download a barcode scanner to reveal a hidden word in this code. It’s COUTURE – once we enter this we’ll be prompted to remove the Eight of Spades from our deck.

Next we’ll have to determine the hidden word amongst these images of food. Did you get CRAVE? If so, you’re right! After we got this puzzle right we were prompted to remove the Jack of Hearts from the deck and set it aside for later.


The next puzzle was simple as heck for our husband he only needed to look at the names to immediately determine that the first letter of each spelled out our secret word, MONTE CARLO. Once we solve this we’ll be prompted to remove the Seven of Clubs from the deck and set it aside for later.

Next is our Caesar’s Palace Puzzle. You’ll change a letter in each word and row of this puzzle to get your final word. Each word we change to is one of our three secret words. This was one of the lesser challenging puzzles (which was a nice reprieve) and our secret words were Dire, Dare and Care. Once we solve this we’ll be prompted to remove the Ten of Clubs from our deck.

Our final task is to take the ten cards that we removed from the deck and use them to create the best hand possible. Our king is a wild and so we created a Royal Flush (our husband did, we know nothing of poker). Then we inspect them for clues on the date, time and location of the heist.

This symbol is the zodiac for Aries and tells us the event occurred in April

Our king is wild

This card tells us our day… if you add each dot you’ll get 27. The day of the crime!

We had to really do some digging to get this one. This card determines the location which is the Luxor. The pyramid is their symbol.

And the time of the crime, as indicated on this card takes place at 11:30.

And just like that we solved the find!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was well laid out and arrived to us great in our Finders Seekers Box for June

Quality: Each of these puzzles is really well thought out and work well in conjunction with each other.

Curation: The puzzles were challenging and fun and we really had a great time solving all of these! Even our husband said this was fun and required some extra brain work!


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Finders Seekers is a monthly puzzle subscription. This Las Vegas edition was fun and challenging and makes for a fun game night for the whole family.

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