get kindness review

Get Kindness Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | Summer 2019

get kindness review

Get Kindness Subscription Box is a seasonal reminder to be kind! Their motto is be kind to you, be kind to your community and be kind to the Earth. Each package includes 8-10 items with both kindness and you in mind! Subscriptions are $49.99 and US shipping is FREE. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.



Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Get Kindness Subscription Box.

self care subscription boxes Everything that we received in this season’s Get Kindness Subscription Box. There is so much in here!


So what is all this stuff?


Our box insert lists each of the items that we received in our box as well as a little more information about our box.


  Kindness Tote
The first item in our box for this season is this tote bag. This is the perfect way to spread kindness with you where ever you go with your tote bag. We love the gold and navy blue combo!


Organic Wool Dryer Ball
The next item in our box is an item we are familiar with. This wool dryer ball is an eco friendly alternative to dryer sheets and a great inclusion in this kindness subscription box!


In this box we received an entire plant kit. The first item in it are our three planters. We received two small, plain terra cotta pots and one larger gold and white polka dotted pot.


Plant Soil
If you are planting stuff you’ll need soil! Here we have a whole bag to plant our plants!


And to complete our plant kit we received three packs of seeds. Each of these will contribute to a greener tomorrow! Put one in each of your planters – we received thyme, lavender and rosemary.


Hat Pattern
  The item that wrapped all the items together in this Get Kindness Box was a gray felt wrap. There was a small baggie inside our box with a pattern and a card that explained how this wrap shouldn’t be thrown away, rather use it to create a cute beanie.

We’ll be passing this on to Penny who is an avid sewer!


Hand Soap Paste
The first bonus item included in this month’s box was this hand soap paste from Tangie. We received tons of information about this brand and how to use this product! This bar will be melted to create your own zero waste liquid hand soap!

This bar makes one gallon of soap!


Handmade By Delisa Soap Bar
Our second bonus item for this box is from Handmade by Delisa. This Soap bar smells amazing and has a beautiful floral scent.

I think what did it for us was how beautiful it was. This is the most beautiful bar of soap that we’ve ever received.

The top was covered in gorgeous flowers as well as glitter which sealed the deal for us.

And to keep it going great… this soap has less than ten ingredients… all of which are high quality and all natural. What more could you ask for?!


Face Mask Brush
This face mask brush is part of our face mask kit. Use it to apply face mask to your skin! The clear handle is really pretty as well as the white bristles.


Zea Facial Wipe

We received a single face wipe to remove makeup before we use our face mask. This singular wipe includes Rose Hip Oil to help calm and soothe the skin. What a thoughtful inclusion!


Magic Mushroom Face Mask
  What Face Mask Kit would be complete without a face mask? This one includes a blend of bentonite clay and reishi mushrooms. The name is fun and we’ve never used a skincare product that’s included mushrooms so we are excited.

The back gives us our complete list of instructions!


Face Sponge
This may not look like a sponge but it sure is! Add this to water and then use it to remove your Magic Mushroom Mask as the final step in your skincare kit!


Kindness Button
To represent the Kindness Boxes movement we received this fun button with their logo on it. You can put this anywhere you like but we suggest putting it on your hat once you’ve made it.


Pioneer Woman Mixing Bowl
This bowl was included to mix our face mask. We believe it’s original purpose is for dips or condiments but this is a clever repurposing if you ask us!

We love the bright colors and Pioneer Woman is a favorite show of ours!


Rose Gold Pen
This pen is beautiful and sleek and even comes with it’s own bag and ink refill. This will be great to use in coordination with the next item in this box.


Note For Gratitude Journal
This pretty watercolor journal is to keep a daily record of gratitude. Gratitude journals can reduce depression by 35% in just a couple weeks.

Our inside. We think this is a great addition to this box. It helps us to focus on the things that are important in our lives.


Blooming Tea
How can you not smile at a beautiful flower in your tea. We received a blooming tea – we love putting these in our French Press and enjoying them on our breakfast table! One blooming tea is good for a whole pot of tea.


Strawberry Tea Infuser
  Second to last we have a cute strawberry tea infuser. These make a fun way to infuse your loose leaf teas.


Wooden Tea Cup
The final item in our Get Kindness Box is this wooden tea cup – you can use this with your new tea infuser or blooming tea!

This is really pretty and it’s also eco friendly as well!  This is so pretty we aren’t sure we’re actually going to use this. We may use it for decor!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly in our Get Kindness Box!

Quality: We feel like there are a lot of high quality items included in this box, particularly the items from the featured artisans. This box has a lot going on and we love it!

Curation: This was a thoughtfully curated box full of items that not only encourage us to be kinder to others but also kinder to ourselves! This was a great first box from Get Kindness!

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Get Kindness $49.99


Get Kindness is a great way to spread kindness and practice some self care each season. This first box was full of great items!

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