sweet pea box review

Sweet Pea Box Co. Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | June 2019

sweet pea box review

Sweet Pea Box Co. sends hand curated care packages that contain items like family photos that bring happiness. Choose from the Gift Box (what we’re reviewing) this box includes a themed assortment of items as well as pictures and a letter and more. One time packages are $39.95 and if you subscribe these boxes are $33.96 – this box makes a great care package for grandparents and long distance family members. The Caring Card subscription includes 3 photos and a handmade card based on that month’s theme. This package is $14.95 for a one time gift or $12.71 if you subscribe. The Memory Box includes a framed picture along with a handmade card and up to 3 additional 4×6 photos for $27.95 – if you subscribe packages are $23.76. Finally, you can get the Sweet Pea Bundle, this package sends each different box available from Sweet Pea Box conveniently over a 3 month period for $69.95. Use code notatreesubreview20 for 20% OFF the Sweet Pea Gift Box. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Sweet Pea Box for June, we love how pretty this packaging is!


care package subscription

Here’s everything that we received in the June Sweet Pea Box. We were impressed when we saw how much is included in this package. This gift box is the perfect mix of fun items for your home and tummy and also photos and letters from your favorite people. This is the sweetest way to keep people included in what’s going on in your life!


So what is all this stuff?

All of our inserts came in this envelope that matches our box.

This box (and every box from Sweet Pea Box Co.) comes with a list of that’s month’s famous birthdays, a calendar of popular events throughout history and some important facts for June.

When you sign up you’ll also fill out a letter to send to the recipient of this box. We did ours very general so you guys could see what Sweet Pea Box Co. is capable of – but you can write whatever you’d like!

Each package also includes a handmade card (we think this one is so pretty)!

And of course our photos! We recently took a trip to Six Flags and thought these photos would be a great way to commemorate that!


You are the Best Notepad

In addition to all of our inserts we also received this wire bound notepad. It proclaims, “You are the Best!” which we think is really cute. Jot down notes or grocery lists in style!



The next item in our box is this handmade coaster. This is simple and made of porcelain and says, “Life is Beautiful”.


Wall Hanging

One of our favorite items in this box is this white and black wall hanging that says, “Make your dreams happen”. This is a great item for your work spaces and we love that it includes cute little clothespins!


Chicken Soup Word Search

We love that this box includes fun little ways to pass the time. This word search puzzle book includes inspirational word finds from Chicken Soup for the Soul.

We love that these will brighten your day. Penny already stole this from us (she loves puzzles).



It’s Good to Be Home Sign

Another little pretty home decor item that we received in this box is this, “It’s Good to be Home” sign. This has a little flap on the back so you can stand it up on an end table, mantle or anywhere you’d like! We love the gray chalk paint that is used on this one!


Lemon Scented Candle

The next item in our Sweet Pea Box Co. Box is this pretty lemon scented candle. We love the metal tin this comes in and think this adds a nice design element to any space you put it in. It does smell great too – we love citrus scents.



This box had no lack of tasty treats. One of them are these two Nonni’s Biscotti cookies. We packed these on our beach trip for a great little road snack.


Vineyard Lane Strawberry Merlot Fruit Spead

Another tasty treat that we received in this Gift Box from Sweet Pea Box Co. is this jar of strawberry merlot flavored fruit spread. We love how pretty this jar is and that there’s a ribbon tied around the top.

Our kids love bagels and jam for breakfast so this will be a hit in our house!


Freeze Dried Strawberry and Bananas

This made another great road trip snack! These are tasty but also healthy! This bag contained a mixture of both strawberry and banana freeze dried fruit pieces.


Plant Kit

Second to last in our box is this little metal watering can with Sweet Pea seeds and soil all included. You can literally let your love grow with this sweet gift!

Both our seeds and our soil were included inside the can! This is an excellent way to dress up a window sill!


Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

The final item in this box (and coincidentally the husbands favorite) are red Jelly Belly Jelly Beans in a fun little jar! The top has a sticker that says, “For my Sweet Pea” which is a common theme in this box. This is a cute way to sweeten the deal (wink wink).


So in summary

Presentation: We feel like Sweet Pea Box Co. does a really great job of packaging everything so it not only looks great but also so it arrives to the recipient perfectly!

Quality: We love all the information that they include in this box and feel like they work hard to bring us cute items that make you smile.

Curation: We feel like this is a wonderful way to include long distance relatives in your life. It’s particularly great for when your children are young and you want to share all those special moments with aunts, uncles and grandparents! This box had it all and we thought it was a great showing!


Subscribe to Sweet Pea Box Co.

























Sweet Pea Box Co. $14.95+


Sweet Pea Box is a great way to connect with long distance family members. This month’s box is a beautiful collection of items that will definitely bring a smile to your face!

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