bombay & cedar review

Bombay & Cedar Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | June 2019

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bombay & cedar review

Bombay & Cedar is a themed monthly aromatherapy subscription box that has a focus in wellness products that are both cruelty free as well as vegan. Choose upon subscribing the Premium Box that includes 8-10 full and deluxe sized items including 2 essential oils from Bombay & Cedar with a guaranteed value of at least $115 for just $49.95 (with reduced prices for longer subscription terms). Shipping within the US is $6.95, to CA is $16.95 and Internationally is $23.95; the Mini Box includes 5-7 full & deluxe sized products including 2 essential oils from Bombay & Cedar with a guaranteed value of at least $65 for just $29.95. Shipping for this subscription is $5.95 within the US, $12.95 in CA and $17.95 internationally. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the June “Unwind” themed Bombay & Cedar package. This is bright and cheery – perfect for summer.

aromatherapy subscription boxes

Everything that we received in our, “Unwind” themed box. This is an amazing collection and we are so impressed (as we always are with this subscription box).


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. These do a great job of explaining the products that we received for the month but they also go a step farther and include fun little articles, quizzes and even recipes.

Here is each page of our insert. We love all the information that they include!


Mad-Dana by Mad Style


The first item in our box is this 10 in 1 “Mad Dana” from Mad Style. This can be worn a variety of ways to create a unique look. There were a variety of different styles included in the June Bombay & Cedar Box.

We are really pumped because this will be a great way to keep our hair back while we work out!

The print is really universal flattering as well. Many complimentary, subtle colors that will work with almost anything!


Cold Roller by Glow Skincare
glow skincare cold roller


The next item is one that we are really excited about. This cold roller from Glow Skincare helps to de-puff skin and reduce redness and inflammation (this might be a game changer since we have rosacea).

Just place this in the fridge or freezer for 20 minutes before using. You can use this in both the morning or night. In addition to it’s physically enhancing properties it also is a great tool for lymphatic massage.

We received complete instructions on how to use this as well, which is great!


DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit from Wild & Feather
plant hanger kit wild & feather


The next item in our box is a macrame plant hanger kit from Wild & Feather. This is a really cool and unique inclusion (we’ve never received anything like this before)!

This kit includes everything you need, along with detailed instructions on how to create each of the four most popular knots that are used in macrame. We can’t wait to create this!


Calm Moon Relaxation Drops from Moon Infusions
moon calm


The next item in our June Bombay & Cedar package couldn’t fit the theme better and was probably the item we were most excited about! This bottle of relaxation drops is mixed with water to create a calming, all natural daily drink. This full sized bottle includes 3.1 ounces and is enough for a 30 day supply.

The mixture that Moon Infusions uses is a proprietary blend of Vitamin C, Green Tea L-Theanine, Passionflower Extract, Chamomile Extract and Zembrin (an extract of Sceletium). We are always excited for anything that helps to calm us naturally! We can’t wait to give these a try!


Lavender Spearmint Body Wash from Opulent Blends
opulent blends body wash


This body wash from a new to us brand Opulent Blends is beautiful infusion of the calming aroma of lavender and the cooling scent of spearmint. It makes an excellent alternative to the typical store bought, petroleum based body washes! This is a full sized 8.5 ounces bottle and we think this product goes with the theme of this box perfectly!


Opulent Blends Lavender Hand Sanitizer

In addition to our body wash we also received a sample of the Opulent Blends Lavender Hand Sanitizer. As a Mom of four something like this is a God send to keep in your purse. Our youngest child loves to flush public toilets and use the hand dryers which gives us constant anxiety so we are appreciative of this!


Facial Wipes by Zea


These facial wipes from Zea are infused with Rose Hip Essential Oil and remove both makeup and impurities! We love the packaging and are always excited to try new skincare products (as you guys probably know). This is a full sized package with a total of 30 wipes included.


Dream Essential Oil Blend from Bombay & Cedar


The first of our 2 essential oils from Bombay & Cedar is this “Dream” blend. This is great for creating an ambiance of relaxation and calm and can even be massaged into the temples for extra calming!

This blend includes Lavender oil, Spanish Marjoram Oil, Copaiba Oil, Clary Sage Oil and Roman Chamomile Oil. It smells calming as well as earthy!


Petitgrain Essential Oil from Bombay & Cedar


Our next essential oil is one we’ve heard about a ton but have never really smelled (which is really exciting to us). This is a citrus scent which was surprising because we imagined it being more herbal but makes a great essential oil to calm and relieve anxiety.

This contains just aromatherapy grade Petitgrain Essential Oil which we LOVE! It smells like citrus and mildly earthy… imagine a tomato vine that grew oranges and that’s Petitgrain!


Maple Praline Almonds from Naked Snacks


The final item in our box comes in the form of a tasty treat! These delicious almonds are covered in cinnamon and sugar. We shared these with the husband and even he (not a sweets guys) thought they were delicious!

See what we mean? Super tasty!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly and was packaged well in our June Bombay & Cedar package.

Quality: We love that Bombay & Cedar focuses on including smaller vendors and artisans in their packages. This way we find out about brands that consistently create high quality products that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Curation: This box had an, “Unwind” theme which we think they pulled together famously! This box had it all and we will enjoy each of the items that they included.

Box Economy: For the price of this box ($49.95) we received $184 in products which is an amazing deal!


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Bombay & Cedar $29.95+


Bombay & Cedar is a great way to increase your essential oil collection and increase your brand awareness each month with a variety of different vegan and cruelty free products!

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