home made luxe review

Home Made Luxe Subscription Box Review & Unboxing + 50% OFF First Box | July 2019

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home made luxe review

Home Made Luxe is a monthly craft subscription box that takes the guesswork out of Pinterest Fails. Each package comes with everything you’ll need to create one beautiful home decor project. Subscriptions are $39.99 monthly and with code EPICSALE you’ll get 50% OFF your first package. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside this month’s Home Made Luxe Box.

craft subscription boxes

Everything that we received in this month’s box. We received everything we need to create 2 Monstera Clay Bowls. This is a really cool project!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert

This details how to make our bowls and also links us to an online video tutorial (which can be very helpful)

We also receive a card that introduces us to the “Makers” behind this month’s project which is a cool feature as well.


This green paint will be used to paint our bowls.


The paint brush in our package will be used to get the harder to reach places on our bowls with the green paint.


We also received an X-acto knife to precisely cut out our clay bowl as well as the template.


This brick of air dry clay will serve as both of our bowls (and you’ll have a lot of clay left over!


Our template for both bowls was created by Lia Griffith. We can’t think of anything that sums up summer better than a Monstera Leaf!


This sandpaper will be used to remove rough edges from our hardened bowls.


This foam brush will be used to paint the larger portions of our leaf bowls.


The final step in our project is lining our leaf bowls in gold paint markers. Here is our gold paint marker!


Okay so now what? 

Now we get to crafting!

Our first task is to roll out our clay with a rolling pin. We used some parchment paper to have an easier cleanup.


Now you’ll use your X-acto knife to cut out your leaf bowls. You’ll also add some embellishments to the bowls like holes as well as leaf lines.


This was intricate work but we found it really relaxing.


Once you’ve cut out your design you’ll notice you have to make some adjustments to rough or uneven spots.


That’s perfectly fine!


Once we did that we added our leaf lines to the bowl.


Repeat each step on the smaller template.


Now you’ll lay these upside on the bottom of a bowl for 24 hours to dry (you may need to put them in the oven to really harden them up).

Here are our dried bowls.

We used our sandpaper to soften the edges and gives these a uniform look.


Now you’ll paint the larger portions of your leaf bowls with the green paint and foam brush.


Then you’ll follow up by using the fine paint brush to get the harder to reach crevices on your bowls.


Finally you’ll line the edges of each bowl in the gold paint marker. We are thrilled with the results of this project! What do you guys think?


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and arrived to us perfectly in our Home Made Luxe Box.

Quality: They do a great job of sending us a high quality project that is going to be a winner!

Curation: We received everything we needed to create the project in this box and we feel like the instructions were detailed and concise. This is a great subscription box for the gal out there that loves to craft but doesn’t have the time to source the ingredients herself!


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Home Made Luxe $39.99


Everything that you need to create a crafty home decor diy project each month. This month’s Monstera Leaf Bowl project turned out beautifully.

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