snail mail sticker club review

Snail Mail Sticker Club Subscription Box Review + Coupon | June 2019

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snail mail sticker club review

Snail Mail Sticker Club is a monthly sticker subscription that delivers joy! Each package comes with 10+ sheets of stickers of all sizes, a postcard, and 2 affirmations (one for you and one for a friend). This subscription ships from Canada so Canada pays $15.95 CAD and US subscribers will pay $12.95 USD monthly. Use code TREE20 for 20% OFF your first package. Free shipping throughout Canada and the US. International shipping is $6. NAT receives this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing


Subscription Box Review

sticker subscription box

Everything that we received in our June package from Snail Mail Sticker Club. As always this package is chock full of fun and kid friendly stickers! There are lots of animals which is always a great way to sweeten the deal!


So what is all this stuff?

The first item in our package is a postcard. This says hello and has this fun two-toned chevron pattern. Each package from Snail Mail Sticker Club comes with one and we think this is a great way to use some of your brand new stickers!

The back of our postcard has a cute little snail on it! The postcards are really large so they are definitely going to get the attention of the recipient.


Our box insert explains the theme of this month’s box. Which is, “Anything is Possible”.


Each package from Snail Mail Sticker Club includes 2 affirmations, one for you and one for a friend or loved one. This month they included the saying, “Anything is Possible” which is a totally positive saying! Pass your extra card off to anyone you think might benefit from the, “Anything is Possible” greeting.


The first sheet is this color your own owl sticker sheet. These each have a bit of gold glitter on them which is really cute! We’ll let our daughter’s use these – great way to keep them busy and active during these LOOOONG summer months!


This fun sheet has some translucent stickers that have a unifying theme of both of dots and stripes. The farm locale is a lot of fun too! This is one of our favorites that was included in this pack because it is just so much fun.


Next we have an homage to Lisa Frank, a grouping of horses, birds, rain clouds and little flower girls that are bright and perky! This is really cute and we let our daughters use these on a sheet of blank paper to create a fun scene. This reminds us of gardening and things that grow during the summer… super cute.

Another super adorable sheet that we received was this llama sticker sheet. We love the little fun blankets that each of them are wearing – the patterns are super cute! Llamas have been everywhere lately and we can see why, they are cute and there’s something mysterious about them we can’t quite put our finger on!


The best in show sticker sheet in this package from Snail Mail Sticker Club is this neon, fast food sheet. I think I’m going to use these to decorate my computer!  There’s tacos, beer, ice cream, pizza, burgers, fries and donuts! Every food here is one we want to eat but can’t… #dietgoals.


Then there’s a small sheet that has different sea creatures covered in glitter. This is another sheet that will be great for the kiddos. It’s a bit smaller than the other sheets that was included but still super fun and cute.


We always love the assortment of animal stickers that we receive in these packages. This sheet celebrates the sloth! This sloth is all over the place, on a skateboard, in space, and just hanging out! There’s also some pineapple and a bunch of other fruits! This sheet is the puffy kind as well which we really like.


Then we have this super festive sheet of berries! There are strawberries, blueberries and raspberries which are a great representation of the summer in my opinion. The coolest part of this sheet is that both the strawberries and the raspberries are raised and slightly gel like. These are a lot of fun and great for a planner!


This sheet is great for a birthday card or any festive occasion. These are sweet with their pastel colors and little cute animations. The kids really wanted to use these but we didn’t let them because we want to keep them for our self, not sure where exactly yet but we’ll figure that part out later!


This second to last sheet is a simple neon star sticker sheet. There are a couple different sized stars in a bunch of fun colors. This is another sheet that I passed on to the kids. Vivienne put these all over her arms… we didn’t ask many questions because it made her really happy!


The final sheet in this month’s package from Snail Mail Sticker Club is totally kid friendly one! It has a bunch of different zoo animals and little signs that say things like, “Zoo Keeper in Training”, “Animal Crossing” and “Wild Thing”.  This is also a sheet that we allowed the kids to use to create a scene!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly in our Snail Mail Sticker Club. We love that they include the affirmations and the postcard in each package as this adds the icing on this subscription’s cake.

Quality: We find that many of the sheets included in our package are really high quality and we love it. They are perfect for your planner.

Curation: The variety in this subscription is awesome. There’s a good amount of stickers for me to use planning and also a bunch that the kids will enjoy as well which makes our day! There’s also a variety of different textures, colors and styles of stickers that you don’t find when you go out shopping for stickers. We are not sure where they find all these but they do a great job. This is a great package for anyone that loves stickers.


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Snail Mail Sticker Club $12.95


Snail Mail Sticker Club is a great way for sticker loves to get their fix each month. The Addition of a positive affirmation is icing on the cake as it adds a touch of self love.

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