green kid crafts review

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | July 2019

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green kid crafts review

Green Kid Crafts is a monthly STEAM subscription box that sends 4-6 themed crafts that focus on the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art as well as a badge and a 12 page activity book. Boxes are curated based on the ages of your children – choose from 2-4 box and the 5-10 box. Subscriptions are $24.95 monthly and you can opt for a sibling add on for $44.95 monthly. Use code SCREENFREE at checkout to get $10 OFF your first box. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Green Kid Craft’s Box. This month our box gives us different crafts and activities that teach children about the Human Body!

subscription box for kids

Everything that we received in our Human Body themed package from Green Kid Crafts. There are a total of four fun and interesting activities for children includes as well as our fun little activity book!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert and badge. Each package from Green Kid Crafts comes with a sticker and your first box comes with a sheet to add the stickers too, each box your child will become an “Expert” in their field and have the badge to prove it! The insert is in the form of a 12 page activity book that includes instructions on how to complete your crafts as well as some other addition puzzles and word games.

Each page in our activity book. These really keep to the theme of the box which is nice! At the end of the book they even give you further reading about people that work in the field that we’re studying and different careers in that field as well.


The first item is a poster of the human body which we’ll aptly be using in our Organs of the Body Project. We’ll be putting stickers of organs on the corresponding places in the body.


This next sheet will be used in our “Model Lungs” experiment. We’ll be cutting these out and taping to our actual model lungs.


This bag contains almost everything we’ll need to create our fourth and final project for this box.. our Articulated Hand. This project showcases the way the bones in the hand operate and maneuver together.


Inside we have four straws, tacky glue, yarn and give beads.


These two straws will be used to put air into our model lungs.


This sheet will be used in our 5 senses activity. This projects asks children to look at a sticker and assign it to one of the five senses.


This piece of foam will be used to trace and cut out the hand we’ll be using in our Articulated Hand activity.


Next up we have the senses stickers we’ll be using in our five senses project. As you can see some of these fell into a few of the categories!


This little bag is made of entirely recyclable material and included the two baggies that we’ll be using as our lungs in the model lung experiment.


Finally, we have the stickers that we’ll be using in our first organs of the body project. This was our favorite!


Okay so now what? 

Now we get to the fun activities!

First we get everything together that we’ll need for the organs of the body project. The activity book for direction, the poster and our sheet of stickers.

You’ll then read through the list that explains where each organ goes and it’s purpose in the human anatomy! The kids liked this and then I hung it on the refrigerator so we can see it and go over it to reinforce what we learned.


The we got together everything that we needed for the five senses activity. It’s just the sheet with the stickers and the sheet that we’ll be grouping the stickers together on.

Here’s what my kids came up with for the five senses. As you can see there are some groups that have quite a LOT!


Then we move on to our model lungs experiment. For this we’ll need our baggies, straws, cutouts, glue dots and tape.

First we tape our straws together like so.

Then we tie our baggies onto them as well.

Next we cutout our lungs, nose and lips.

Then we use the glue dots to attach them to the straws.

Now you’ll breathe into the straws and out to simulate the way the lungs contract and expand when you breath. The kids really thought this was cool and so did we!


Our final project is our articulated hand and for it we’ll need our sheet of foam, straws, tacky glue, beads and yarn.

First we trace our hand on the foam sheet.

Then we cut it out.

Next we’ll use our straws which will serve as our bones. We cut them up in 4 pieces – 1 large piece representing the metacarpal and 3 smaller pieces representing phalanges.

We then glue each piece on and allow it to completely dry before continuing our project

Interesting fact… the thumb only has two phalanges but our hand could only fit one!

Once your glue is dry you’ll cut out five equal length pieces of yarn.

Then you’ll pull each yarn through the fingers completely… this is an effort in patience but it’s worth it! Once you’ve done that you tie each off at the top with a bead and voila! Pull the strings at the bottom to see your hand in action!!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly in our Green Kid Crafts Box this month!

Quality: We love the activity book that they send – it’s detailed and really makes it clear the lesson that is being taught.

Curation: This Human Body themed package contained an excellent assortment of crafts that taught kids different aspects of the human body. I was impressed with the variety and enjoyed these for projects even just for myself!

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Green Kid Crafts is a monthly STEAM subscription box for kids. This box focused on the Human Body and sent 4 fun projects to complete!

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