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Finders Seekers Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | July 2019

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finders seekers toronto

Finders Seekers is a monthly puzzle subscription box. Each package takes place in a new city and gives you an individual case that you’ll need to crack. This box includes many different puzzles, codes and cryptics and incorporates an interactive online concept. There’s no blood or gore and is completely family friendly. Add in the fact that they have a facebook community to help with hints and tips and you’ve got yourself a real winner. Subscriptions are $30 use code CRATE10 to get a discount at checkout. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Finders Seekers Box for this month. All our clues are in a white envelope.

puzzle subscription boxes

Everything that we received in our Finders Seekers Toronto Edition. I took a trip to Toronto last summer and loved it so this was a cool location personally. We’re guessing there will be lots of beer and LOTS of hockey references!


So what is all this stuff? 

Our insert describes the situation. Hockey fans have stolen the Stanley Cup and taken it to Toronto. We’ve been enlisted to help find the culprits and deliver the trophy to the rightful winners. The goal is to collect all ten jerseys and finish our mission on the Finders website.


This souvenir pencil will be used in one of our puzzles, that was a huge surprise to us. We thought it was just a fun addition to this box.


This strip of paper with curious writings is also another of the ways we’ll be able to solve a puzzle included in this subscription box.


This farmers market poster is a puzzle in itself. You’ll find one of your answers hidden right on it in plain sight!


The waterfall puzzle will be used to decode one of the messages that will be an answer to one of this packages puzzles.


On our insert they call this, “the paper with random letters” but we immediately saw the rink on this right? This will be used (as will all these sheets) in one of our puzzles.


Our bottle puzzle was a fun one! Both Penny and I enjoyed it as it was a very good puzzle of deduction!


These 10 postcards each include a link where we will find the clue for each of the puzzles in this month’s box. Since I visited Toronto and Niagara Falls last year this really made my heart smile. Many of the place I have been and that makes these puzzles that more personal. Each is an honest postcard as well and can be used in the mail!


These bottle caps will be used in coordination with our bottle puzzle.


The final item in our box for this month is a foam hockey puck. This will be used in conjunction with that strange strip of paper to solve one of this month’s puzzles!


So what now? 

Now we solve the puzzles!

First we did the distillery puzzle this one includes the page with beer bottles and putting them in the correct order.

This was a lot of fun. Maybe we could have solved this with just three rows… but five was generous and the bottle caps were a fun touch!

Every time you solve one of the puzzles in this box you get a jersey and at the end you’ll have a total of ten. I’m going to be completely with you… we didn’t. One of these puzzles is still looming above our heads!

Next up we did the Lake Ontario puzzle.

For this one we had a word puzzle that my husband solved IMMEDIATELY. The answer is Hook Line and Sinker

And there’s our jersey for this puzzle – Yahoo!


Next we have the Hockey Hall of Fame puzzle and we can say that we’ve been there personally which is pretty cool!

For this puzzle we need to line the hockey puck over the eye on the paper. The question that it asked was when did the Toronto Maple Leafs last win the Stanley Cup?  My husband immediately knew the answer.

In case you were wondering it’s 1967!

Boom shakalaka. Here’s our next jersey!


For our next puzzle we go to Nathan Phillips Square. For this puzzle we’ll need to find the answer to our puzzle on a Farmers Market Poster.

That bottom region holds our answer. If you look at it sideways you can see the word ORGANIC hidden in those lines.

I figured this one out all on my own! I felt so accomplished!

Here’s our jersey for this puzzle!


Our next puzzle involves Dundas Square. This puzzle was completely interactive and we had to figure out a riddle; When she falls I break, our differences are extreme. The answer is Night and Day.

And BAM we solved the puzzle!


Ah Casa Loma. A castle in the middle of Toronto and the puzzle we could not complete.

After attempt after attempt at this we just gave up and moved on. It’s still at the forefront of our thought though. We thought it was The Queen’s One Rivals of Canada. If you’ve got a better guess please do leave it in the comments!


Of course if you are in Toronto you need to visit Niagara right? This puzzle used the waterfall page to solve the puzzle. The answer is American Bridal Veil Horseshoe Falls

We did this wrong 10 times because dear old hubby’s writing is the pits. He figured it out laying in bed .. so yeah I don’t have a picture of the fact checking that occurred after!


Next up we went on to the CN Tower Puzzle. For this one you’ll need to wrap the strip of paper around the pencil that we received to get a password. We totally forgot to take a picture, what can I say… it happens sometimes?! Anyway, the answer was ACROPHOBIA which funny enough was an answer in the last box that we received!

And just like that, another jersey in our hands!


Then there’s the Fort York Puzzle. My husband immediately dug his heels in and came up with an algebraic equation that solved this.

Then he … realized he was wrong. Figured out what he did wrong, corrected his err and solved the puzzle like a math pro.

The answer ended up being 5 British and 7 Canadians.

Boom – jersey on LOCK!


The final puzzle asks for specific information about a tour. You’ll need to have your info to purchase tickets, city, date and venue.

This was relatively simple and led us to our final puzzle.

We need to put the jerseys in order to create a pattern, but how. Use the postcards to do so …

Okay… so this is a total work in progress. This is as far as we’ve gotten. We looked all over the internet too… MSA, the Finders Seekers page but decided that we’d just keep cracking at it on our own! Keep posted to find out when we do CRACK the CASE!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly in our Finders Seekers Toronto package.

Quality: We think the puzzles in this box are particularly challenging which we really like. It means you can try to solve them while you are sitting in the office during your down time or out to lunch. You never know when the moment will strike!

Curation: This Toronto package really made our day. I don’t travel as much as I’d like and our visit to Toronto was amazing so seeing all these places I’m familiar with was awesome!


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Finders Seekers is a monthly puzzle subscription box. This box led us through Toronto and restores the Stanley cup to it’s rightful winners!

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