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Wantable Styling Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2019

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wantable review

Wantable is a monthly styling subscription service that sends you 7 hand selected items based on an initial survey you’ll take upon signing up. Choose from three different subscription options; the Style, Fitness or Men’s package. Wantable is super inclusive with sizeing (pieces run from XS to 3X). Choose to have your packages sent back to back, monthly, bi-monthly or seasonally. Each package has a fee of $20 that you can apply to any purchases.and you’ll only pay for the items that you keep. Keep five or more items and you’ll receive a 20% discount on your purchase. You’ll have 5 days once your receive your package to return it to Wantable. Shipping is free (both ways)! NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the package that we received from Wantable.

styling subscription services

What I liked most about this subscription is the effort they go to to get your the right clothes. You’ll take a really detailed survey when you sign up. The first question is which of the three subscriptions you prefer (style, fitness or men’s). I didn’t catalog the questions from the fitness or the men’s but I did for the style.

Then you’ll tell them how proportionate your body is.

Then you’ll tell them the overall tone of the pieces that you want to receive. Select from date night, laid back, business casual or trendy.

Then they’ll give you images of different styles and you’ll select the ones you’d like to receive.

On the left is “edgy” and on the right is “boho”

You’ll select whether you love, like or dislike these sorts of styles. I kept mine pretty open ended to give you guys a great idea of what Wantable has to offer.

Next Wantable walks you through different styles of dresses, jeans and tops and asks whether you love, like or dislike those styles.

They’ll also ask what prices you’d prefer to pay for your clothing. I really like this. I’ve found with many clothing subscriptions the prices are just too exorbitant

Then you’ll tell Wantable what you’d prefer to receive, bottoms, denim, tops or dresses.

As well as jackets, sweaters and accessories.

Next you’ll select sleeve lengths that you like or dislike.

As well as the condition of the jeans. Do you like them distressed or clean.

Then you’ll select whether you’d prefer skirts, shorts or pants.

Then you’ll go on to select colors, patterns and fabrics that you like. One of the only things I said I prefer not to receive is anything with fur (not particularly a noble choice just not really into fur) or animal print which I just can’t really rock.

Then they ask us about accessories. I thought what the heck… let’s see what they’ve got!

And again you’ll select price ranges for these types of items as well.

Then you’ll answer what types of metals you prefer for your jewelry.

Then you’ll answer questions about different styles of handbag. Again I went really broad just to give you guys a great idea of what Wantable has to offer!

Then you’ll answer about the length of necklace chains.

And the size of your wrist for bracelets.

Finally you’ll tell Wantable the styles of earrings that you prefer.

And then something interesting they do at the end of the survey. They ask if you want items that you Like and Love or just Love. I’m not picky at all so I went with like. Because why not!


Okay so what did you get?


Kensie Ankle Biter in Vega Wash
kensie ankle biter jean


First up in this package is a pair of jeans from Kensie. This wash is a deep dark color and at first glance I didn’t this this fit would suit my body type.

But when they say Effortless, they mean it! These jeans are so comfortable!

The legs are a little tapered which I think is pretty on trend as well.


Kut from the Kloth Jasmine Blouse in Happy Dot
kut from the kloth blouse


The only item in our package that I wasn’t really into was this polka dot top from Kut from the Kloth. It was just a little too baggy for my taste and the pattern was a bit loud.

I did like the way they button up the sleeves to make the 3/4 length.

Here it is on… yeah just not feeling this one!


Socialite Ramirez Cardigan in Heather Grey


Next is this gorgeous cardigan from Socialite. I feel like this was MADE FOR ME! The color is perfect and it’s lightweight and just a really easy item to wear.

I really love the pockets.

And the color of the buttons is really complimentary to the color of the cardigan.

Here it is on. I really liked this!


Kut from the Kloth Calla Wrap Top in White


One of our favorite items in this package is this beautiful white top from Kut from the Kloth. This is light and the fabric is so soft and beautiful.

The way the fabric drapes is really pretty and gives you a casual, effortless look which is kind of my MO.

Here it is on and it’s just so pretty!


W. by Wantable Roll Tab Crew Neck Tee in Black


Next we have probably the most soft shirt I’ve ever felt. This is from Wantable’s own line. It’s light and soft and a tad bit sheer.

This is great for an everyday t-shirt and jeans look!


Pretty Persuasions Sundance Scarf in Gold


We received two accessories in our Wantable Subscription. The first is this beautiful yellow scarf from Pretty Persuasions. You can wear this several different ways and you can see it on me above with the white Kut from the Kloth blouse.


SR Squared by Sondra Robers Eddi Nylon Backpack in Navy


Finally in our package we received this backpack. This is from SR Squared and has so many pockets and places for all your different items. This would make a great market or diaper bag. The puffy fabric reminds me of a winter jacket.

Despite this being a little small this is really deep.

Even the back has a zippered pocket!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly in our Wantable package.

Quality: They really send nice items from higher end brands. We love that we decide how expensive the items that we receive are!

Curation: We felt like most of these pieces represent our overall style and that when we go on and tell our stylist our thoughts she can further refine the items that we receive.

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Wantable is a styling subscription service. Each package includes 7 hand selected pieces. There is a $20 fee that can be applied to anything you decide to keep. Keep five or more items and receive a 20% discount.

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  3. Hi Asheli,

    Thanks for posting such an honest review on Wantable, I just went on the the website and I didn’t find it as thorough as the current service I use though. Fashom is a styling service but not subscription(so you’re allowed to try one box at a time to see if you like it and continue if you do) which I really like. They have cheaper clothing options and it’s way more personal on Wantable. They really focus on making sure women feel comfortable, you know? From one mom to another, I recommend Fashom, just based off my experience trying Wantable.

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