gramma in a box review

Gramma in a Box Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2019

gramma in a box review

Gramma in a Box is a monthly children’s subscription box. Developed by a Gramma who wanted to have a way to connect with her long distance grandchildren, this subscription box encourages one on one time that allows families to connect in one of the most basic ways, food! Each package is themed and includes everything you’ll need to complete 15-20 finished cookie and candy crafts. Subscriptions are $20 monthly and if you sign up for a auto renewing box you’ll get your first for just $10. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Gramma in a Box for August.

children's subscription boxes

Everything that came in my August, “Beach Party Treats” themed package from Gramma in a Box. As always this looks like it’s going to be so much fun for the kids!


So what is all this stuff? 

Our box insert. This tells us a bit more about this month’s theme and lists the contents of the box.


There’s also a card for each of the projects in this month’s box. The instructions are always clear and the recipes are always simple which is imperative for children.


Each package from Gramma in a Box comes with two pieces of parchment paper to give you a clean and non-stick surface to work on.


The chocolate shell pieces will be used in our second project, “Seashell Pretzels”.


These blue sugar crystal sprinkles will be used in our final project, “Sea Life Cookie Decorating”


As will these multicolored sprinkles!


These gold colored sugar crystal sprinkles will be used in our final project, “Sea Life Cookie Decorating”.



These pretzels will also be used in our, “Seashell Pretzel” project.


Each package from Gramma in a Box comes with a total of eight cookies (typically sugar cookies). The shapes each month fit the theme of the box. For this month we received four fish, two large and two smaller.


These white pearl sprinkles will be used in both the, “Seashell Pretzel” and “Sea Life Cookie Decorating” projects.


These multi-colored Goldfish Crackers will be used in our first project, “Goldfish Bowls”.


These graham cracker crumbs will be used in our first project, “Goldfish Bowls” as the sand for our “aquariums”.


Every package from Gramma in a Box comes with three different colored frostings each month. They are always in these cute little frosting bags where all we have to do is snip the tip and voila… frosting city! I particularly like the colors in this month’s box. They are the perfect compliments to a beach themed package. These frostings will be used in our final, “Sea Life Cookie Decorating” project.


The other four cookies that I received are two starfish shaped cookies and two clam shell shaped cookies. These should be a lot of fun to decorate!


These marshmallows will be used in our first project, “Goldfish Aquariums” and will serve as the actual goldfish bowl for this craft.


And the final item in our box is this container of melting chocolate. Each package from Gramma in a Box comes with a container of different colored chocolate that is used either one or two of the projects. This month we will use this in both our first, “Goldfish Bowl” project and our second, “Seashell Pretzel” project.


Okay so what next? 

Next we have fun and craft!

First we gather everything that we’ll need for our first project; marshmallows, goldfish, graham cracker dust and melting chocolate.

We lay out each of the ingredients and pour the graham cracker onto a plate.

Next we heated our chocolate in the microwave. I let my eleven year old do this and unfortunately she burnt the chocolate a bit. It still worked out in the end but this part should be left to the adults.


Working quickly you’ll dip each of the marshmallows in the chocolate

Next you’ll dip each marshmallow in the graham cracker dust.

Then you’ll lay them out on your wax paper and stick a goldfish to each one! These are super cute!


For our Seashell Pretzel project we’ll need our pretzels, melting chocolate, seashell chocolates and white pearl sprinkles.

First we dip each of the pretzels into the chocolate and lay it on the wax paper. Once we’ve done this we’ll sprinkle each pretzel with the white pearl sprinkles.

We’ll finish it off by placing a seashell chocolate on top of each one. I love pretzels so this was a particularly tasty one for me!

Our final project is our Sea Life Cookie Decorating craft. For this one we get the kids set up and allow them to have as much fun as they want decorating their cookies. My older girls really get into the details of their cookies while the younger kiddos kind of just glob on lots of icing. I’ve learned in my almost twelve years of motherhood to not fight it… just them have fun!

Here are all of our completed crafts for August. They need to set for a bit once your done but as you can see we have some eager little fingers that can’t wait to dig in and enjoy!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly in our August package from Gramma in a Box.

Quality: We love all the sprinkles that come in this package and aren’t quite sure where she finds them all but we love it! We think this box is great to gift to long distance family (like grandparents, aunts, uncles) but it’s also a nice gift from a parent as well! The amount of quality time that you’ll get together completing these projects is priceless plus there’s a snack at the end!

Curation: Each package from Gramma in a Box has a unique and adorable theme that we really enjoy each month. What I love the most as a Mom is how simple and easy each project is. They’re perfectly timed so you don’t lose the attention of the younger children and the cleanup is always a snap!


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Gramma in a Box $20


Gramma in a Box is a monthly cookie and candy decorating subscription box for children. This August package had a “Beach Treats” theme and was super cute.

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