japan crate august review

Japan Crate Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2019

japan crate august review

Japan Crate is a monthly Japanese snack subscription box that is shipped worldwide directly from Japan. There are three different sized boxes to choose from – the Mini includes 5 snacks and costs $12, the Original includes 10 items for $25 monthly or the Premium (what I reviewed) contains 18-20 including a drink, a DIY Kit, Limited Edition Bonus items for $35 monthly. All boxes ship FREE worldwide. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing


Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Japan Crate package for August.

japanese snack boxes

Everything that I received in the August Japan Crate Premium package. This box is absolute full to the bring with delicious candies and treats!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert.

Inside Japan Crate lists each of the items that came in EACH of the boxes for that month.

The reverse tells us how to do our DIY candy and features members who’ve posted pictures of themselves with their Japan Crate on social media.


Katage Potato Shrimp & Salt

The first item in our box was big and it was included in all three boxes for August. Feel like you are on Ikina Island (known for it’s shrimp) while you eat these tasty chips. These have a shrimp flavor and were probably one of my favorite snacks included in this package (I prefer savory snacks).


Porikky Brown Sugar
porikky brown sugar

These brown sugar flavored pretzel like sticks were included in both the original and premium packages for August. The package is super cute and has a lion on it.

These were really mild and I liked them a lot!


Ramune Caramel Corn 

Tohato is one of those Japanese staple snacks. These shrimp shaped puffs come in a variety of different flavors but are always sweet and delicious. This package included a ramune flavor which is Japanese soda. This is both a limited flavor as well as a seasonal flavor. This bag was included in the premium box only.

The kids really loved these and the large bag lasted quite a while in my house.


Coconut Pocky
coconut pocky

The next item in our box is one that we are very familiar with but the flavor is a completely new one for me! This limited edition flavor was made for the summer and features pieces of coconut on each of these chocolate covered sticks. They are also dusted in Okinawa salt for a great contrast. This Pocky was included in the premium box for August.


Chocotto Soft
chocotto soft

Next up is an item that was included in all three Japan Crates for the month. This ice cream shaped snack is packaged adorable and includes a mix of marshmallow and chocolate cream. The kids split this up and they really loved it!


DX Sour Pack
DX Sour Pack

Another item that came in all three boxes for August are these sour candies- we received the lemon flavor. This carton style package was filled with tiny sour mints.


Chu Chu
chu chu

Another item that was included in all three packages for August is this Chu Chu or kiss shaped gummy. You can place this on your mouth to stain the lips or just eat the grape flavored candy.

Either way it’s a cute little candy!


Kit Kat Everyday Luxury
kit kat everyday luxury

The first of our two bonus items in the premium package for this month are these fancy Kit Kats! These are inspired by the Kit Kat Chocolatory which are available only in Japan. This decadent snack is topped with almonds and cranberries! There were three included in our box.


Kit Kat Setouchi Lemon
setouichi lemon kit kat

Our second bonus item are these lemon flavored Kit Kats. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read that they are flavored with lemon, zest and salt but they honestly tasted a lot like a lemon cookie (and I love those) so this was a hit. There were three in our box.


Georgia Emeral Mountain Blend
georgia emerald mountain blend

Every premium package from Japan Crate includes a drink. The August package included this can of coffee. I thought this was really good – despite the fact that I usually take my coffee black!

This limited edition can features a gundam design.


Ichigo Yogurt Cracker
ichigo yogurt cracker

The next item in our box was included only in the premium box for August. These yogurt crackers feature a strawberry flavor that will transport you to Tochigi which is known for it’s delicious strawberries.

I thought these crackers had a mild and delicious flavor and the cracker was soft like bread which I thought was really neat!


Mike’s Pino Strawberry Moon
mike pino strawberry moon

This next item is from another popular Japanese brand – Mike. This popcorn is a collaboration with frito lay and pino ice cream to create this strawberry and raspberry flavor. This is limited edition so we were all excited to try it out!

This was a huge hit with the kids and was an interesting blend of both sweet and sour.


Grilled Corn Crackers
grilled corn crackers

Another of my favorite items included in this package are these Hokkaido inspired corn and soy sauce flavored crackers. These were included in the August premium boxes.

I seriously need to get more of these!


Okonomiyaki Taro
Okonomiyaki taro

This next item was included in both the original and the premium packages for August. Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake that includes meat, eggs, vegetables and sauce. This taro harnesses that flavor with squid, fish and savory flavors.

I didn’t let the kids try this one since it was right up my own alley. I thought it was delicious!


Hi-Chew Banana
hi-chew banana

Another really popular product that was included in our package are these banana flavored Hi-Chew taffies. These were included in the premium boxes and had a great, fruity, banana flavor!

Kurobo Stick
kurobo stick

This next item was included in both the original and the premium boxes for August. This brown sugar pastry is a lot like a biscotti but a lot softer. We split this up between ourselves and the kids and everyone liked it!


Sours Jewel Pineapple
sours jewel pineapple

The final item that was included only in the August premium box are these sour pineapple flavored gummies dusted in sugar crystals. The kids really enjoyed these, myself I’m not a huge fan of pineapple flavors in candy!


Neriame DIY
neriame diy

This DIY candy is made to look like green slime and came in both the original and premium boxes for August. This one we haven’t used yet.. so the jury is out but I know my kids are really excited for this one!


Coro Can Soda Soft Candy
coro can soda soft candy

The final item in our August box is this package of sweet and sour soda flavored candies. When you first bite into these balls you’ll think they’re gum but they aren’t! The kids thought these were awesome!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us well and packaged and in great shape in our August Japan Crate package.

Quality: Each item in this box is authentic and literally ships directly from Japan! What more quality could you ask for!

Curation: What a variety! I am really impressed, as were the kids with the bevy of snacks that this box contained!


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Japan Crate $12+


Japan Crate is a monthly snack subscription box that ships directly from Japan. This August Premium Box was full of delicious snacks that our whole family enjoyed!

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