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decocrated fall review

Decocrated is a seasonal home decor subscription box. Each package includes a a themed assortment of items with many that are interchangeable for the season as well as some everyday household items. Boxes boast a $200+ value for $79.99. Use code ashelithemonolith10 for $10 OFF your first box. Also you’ll get a free gift upon subscribing as well. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Decocrated package for Fall 2019. This box is a LOT larger than our Summer 2019 box.. in fact it didn’t fit in my lightbox.

home decor subscription boxes

Everything that I received in my Fall box from Decocrated. The theme for this season is, “Bountiful Gatherings” and included 5 items that were interchangeable and seasonal, 3 everyday items and 1 organizational accessory.


So what is all this stuff? 

Our box insert tells us how to stage each item in our home and also tells us about this season’s featured artist, Katerina Fonte who designed our art print for the season!


Interchangeable Table Top Sign

The first item in our box is this tabletop sign. I love this, it looks a lot like something you’d find in a cafe on a counter! The center panel spins and reveals a second side. If you’d like to see that refer to the unboxing video. Here is how I used it, I simply put it on my kitchen counter and I used the gather side because I really love that message!


Interchangeable Letterboard

Next in our package is this letterboard ( very top sign that says, “fall”). I had a moment in the unboxing video where I couldn’t figure out how all the letters came together but no worries – I figured it out. You’ll receive letters to create the world; fall, boo!, love and home. I chose Fall for now and will swap it out with Boo! at the end of the month. I love adding these fun signs to my wall each season – it’s growing rather large at this point.


Art Print by Katerina Fonte

Each package from Decocrated includes an art print to use in your frame (this is the free gift you receive upon subscribing). This art print is interhangeable and can be flipped over for a Halloween themed picture. Katerina Fonte hails from Miami, Florida and went to Miami International University of Art and Designs and is currently. She is responsible for the Decocrated branding and is currently their senior designer.


Fall Pillow Cases

Another item that Decocrated sends in each box is a fun refresh for your throw pillows. This season there were two different cases included, one of which can be flipped over for a festive fall pop of color. This first side is a soft aubergine color. The second pillow case has a checked design to add a fun bit of whimsy to your living area. I paired this with the pillow case from last season to create a continuous look.

When you flip the purple case over you have a really cool bohemian pumpkin image on the reverse side. This includes great colors and I love that there are succulents on it as well!


Wicker Tray

Next up in our package is our woven wicker tray. I toiled with how to use this – as it will be great around Thanksgiving time for breads and other dry foods. But for now it will look phenomenal on my black and white wall. This is one of my favorite spots in my house and I couldn’t be happier with the way this turned out.


Metal Flower

Another everyday item that was included in our box is this metal flower. This really tied the succulent element into the box for this season. My china cabinet changes with each season and while it isn’t finished quite yet it’s on it’s way! I really like the gold edging around this piece, it really makes it stand out!


Double Sided Block Art

Second to last in our Decocrated Fall Box is this double sided block art. Our first side is perfect for fall and Thanksgiving and the second side is wonderful to use for Halloween. If you’d like to see the other side watch the Youtube video! I put this on my mantle with some other fall items and I think it really pops!


Pedestal Tray

The final item in our Decocrated package for fall is this pedestal tray. This is my absolute favorite item in this package – you can use it for presenting baked goods or to display items that you want to showcase. The wood is aged and beautiful – it’s a simple way to add a touch of elegance to your home.

I styled this with an artificial plant and a pumpkin I received last fall in my package from Decocrated. I keep it by my books for a great visually inspiring space.


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to us perfectly and is packaged really well in our Fall 2019 Decocrated package. I love that they started writing “Empty” on the boxes that don’t have any items in them, it saves lots of time when you are unboxing them and removes the guesswork of whether or not there is something inside!

Quality: Everything that comes in our packages is really high quality and many of the items are handmade by different artisans and artisans. I love the quality of the wooden and metal items, these are all well made and durable. I love the imperfections that make the pieces completely one of a kind and unique.

Curation: This package for fall is an excellently put together assortment of home decor items. I love the elements that they put together and the finishes work perfectly with the season. Another aspect of this subscription box that I really enjoy is that each of the items in the boxes from Decocrated build on the items from past boxes. I loved pulling out all my fall decorations and pairing up the items that I received last year from Decocrated (and even items from other seasons of the year).


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Decocrated $79.99


Decocrated is one of my absolute favorite subscription boxes. This fall package is a perfectly well rounded box full of wonderful items to use not just in fall but throughout the year!



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