isadora makeup review

IsaDora Cosmetics Range Review | Buy It at Walgreens

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isadora makeup review

IsaDora is a Swedish makeup brand that was established in 1983. They’re products are now sold at Walgreens and they sent me over a little bit of everything to try out and test for you guys. Here are my thoughts!

So what are the products?


IsaDora Active All Day Wear Makeup
isdaora all day wear foundation


Okay so the first thing I noticed about these products are the prices. While these are sold at Walgreens (online only) you will not get that same drug store price you might imagine. While this looks like a BB cream or tinted moisturizer container it is in fact a foundation. This claims to be humidity and sweat proof and lasts up to 24 hours. There are 10 shades in total – I received Sand which was a good match for my skin.

I felt like this melted into the skin well but it kind of highlighted my texture because it’s a really matte foundation. This isn’t a terrible product but for the price I think you can find something a little better (and the shade range as well).


IsaDora Glossy Eyeliner in Chrome Black
isadora glossy eyeliner


I’m not into glossy liners but this one was nice. It didn’t move around too much but I do prefer a matte. They do also have a matte liner in their range as well.


IsaDora Eyeshadow Quartet
isadora eyeshadow quarter


Again we have another item that is a little pricey for what you find at the drugstore. There are three different quartet quads to choose from – this is the “Muddy Nudes” quad. It’s a pretty simple and straitforward quad and has four shadow pans, all of which are matte that weighs 0.18 ounces. That means each pan weighs about .045 ounces

The color payoff here is pretty but I don’t find this to be particularly innovative or special, so I think once again I’d pass on this product.


IsaDora Face Sculptor in Nude
isadora face sculptor


The next item is their face sculptor. This comes in six different tones which I think is pretty cool. This is 0.63 ounces making each pan about 0.21 ounces. I feel like this is a steep price as well for a highlight and contour palette from the drug store.

The shades are pretty but not necessarily right for me. The highlight is a little too pink-y and so is the blush. I like both of the formulas though, they are soft and silky and go on pretty well. The bronzer is nice but again not sure that this is a great shade for me. I prefer to contour and forego bronzing but this did look really nice on my skin.


IsaDora Stretch Lash Mascara
isadora stretch lash mascara


Next we have the Stretch Lash Mascara which is my favorite item in this collection. If there is only one item you splurge on make it this one! This comes in four shades and I received black.

The tip is one of those silicone one that kind of remind me of “They’re Real”. I got a great deal of both length and volume out of this mascara!


IsaDora Face Sponge

This isn’t listed anywhere on the Walgreen’s site so I’m not sure they still sell it but I thought it was great. It worked in product without being too dense or bulky.


IsaDora Twist Up Gloss Stick
isadora twist up gloss stick


The final item that I received is the Twist Up Gloss. There are eight shades in total and I received the shade Toffee Pop. I’m not a huge gloss gal but this was hydrating and applied a nice bit of color to my lips … like just enough color I do really like the packaging as well and think the smell (vanilla cake batter-ish) is wonderful!


So in summary

Here’s my completed look using the products from Isadora. As with all makeup brands there are products that I feel worked for me and a couple that didn’t. Overall I found the price point to be a bit high for something you are buying at the drugstore. Things I’d skip are the Eyeshadow Quartet’s as well as the foundation. Things I’d say go for are the mascara, gloss and face sculptor (but only if the sculptor fits your budget). The liner was okay for me (I am curious to see how the matte formula performs) and I really love the sponge but it isn’t available for sale anywhere online which is a bummer. You won’t find this range in Walgreen’s stores – and will have to shop for it online only. Overall I think that IsaDora has some decent products!













IsaDora Cosmetics


IsaDora is a Swedish cosmetics brand that is now sold in Walgreen’s online. The products that I tried were varied and some I liked and some I didn’t.

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