misfits market review

Misfits Market Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + 25% OFF | October 2019

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misfits market review

Misfits Market is an ugly produce subscription box. Each package is delivered either weekly or bi-weekly and you can choose whether you want the “Mischief” Box which contains 8-13 lbs of produce for $22 or the “Madness” Box (what I receive) that contains 18-22 lbs for $35. All produce that you receive from Misfits Market is organic and comes from small farms across the United States. Currently Misfits delivers to PA, NY, NJ, CT, DE, MA, VT, NH, RI, ME, OH, WV, WDC, VA, MD, NC, SC, IL, KT and they are also currently accepting preorders for both Georgia and Alabama! Use our referral link to receive 25% OFF your first box from Misfits Market! NAT pays for this subscription

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Misfits Market Box for this week. It’s important to note that all the packaging that Misfits Market uses is biodegradable.

food delivery subscription

Everything that came in our box for this week. And this is also the first box that I’ve been able to customize, this is only available in select areas at the moment but hopefully it will be available to all soon!


So what is all this stuff? 


Rainbow Chard

The first item in our box are two bunches of rainbow chard. I chose this because chard in our house is a favorite. We always cook it the same way, just sauteeing it in a pan with butter, onions, salt, pepper and garlic. It is absolutely delicious. I noticed as well in Misfits Market Boxes that they will double up items in the Madness Box. This is great if you have a larger family and one bunch just won’t cut it for a meal… AHEM.


Red Kale

We haven’t received Kale from Misfits Market for quite a while so I figured it would be a nice change of pace. This is another versatile vegetable but more often than not we end up chopping it up with finely diced onion and dressing it with lemon juice, coarse salt and olive oil as a nice salad.


Bosc Pears

Our first fruit in this week’s box is one that I chose for my husband. He adores pears and takes them with him to snack on at work. The kids also love them (but they love most fruits). We received five in total which is odd for Misfits Market who usually includes items in multiples of two but hey who’s arguing!



I was pretty surprised that they were still offering cucumbers as they aren’t really in season at the moment but nevertheless I selected these. There were two in my box and I use these typically for salads but also sometimes slice them up with just a touch of salt as a snack for the whole family.



While peaches aren’t in season entirely it’s still applicable. These four peaches were selected for us (at least I think so because I don’t remember choosing them). My kids tend to not really enjoy the fuzz so I usually cut them up and use them in some sort of dessert dish like peach cobbler!


Green Bell Peppers

I also selected green bell peppers, mainly because they are so versatile and last a good amount of time. I like these in salads but you can also add them to chili (which we’ll be making this weekend) and sauces as well as stir frys! There were four in my box in total.


Broccoli Rabe

I also receive two bunches of broccoli rabe in our Misfits Market Box for this week. Honestly, I’ll probably saute this with the rainbow chard as they’ll compliment each other really well!


Green Onions

I know that I probably sound like a broken record each time I make one of these posts but we love green onions for omelets which is our go to weekend breakfast meal. I selected these for my box this week. There were two bunches included in our Misfits Market Box for this week.


Summer Squash

Also included in our box were these two Summer Squashes. These are another versatile vegetable. You can slice them and bake them in the over or put them in foil packets and grill them with some garlic and olive oil. Recently we added some fresh ginger to a foil packet with summer squash in lieu of garlic and it was amazing!



Another seasonal fruit that I received and selected are these two pomegranates. I always want to buy them at the store but they are so darn expensive. This way I can share them with my kids who have never tried them in a way less expensive fashion. I can’t see anything ugly about these guys!


Green Cabbage

Another item that I chose for this box is this head of green cabbage. I love using this is a simple salad of cabbage, dill, white wine vinegar, maybe some onion but totally not necessary and a drizzle of oil. Cabbage keeps well even after it’s cut so this is the perfect salad to pre-make for lunches!



A Taco Tuesday staple in our house are limes. We use these in our Pico de Gallo and as long as we keep them in the crisper they keep for weeks at a time. I selected these for my box (i think) and there were six included in my Misfits Market package.


Red Onion

I also selected these red onions to be in my Misfits Box for this week. I love red onions the best. They are flavorful and have a bright, crisp flavor. There were three in my package that I’ll use in a variety of ways – like pico de gallo, sandwiches and served along side meats (and so much more).


Butternut Squash

The final item in my Misfits Market Box for this week are these two butternut squashes. These are a little small so we’ll probably use both at the same time. I usually use these one of two ways – in a butternut squash soup or roasted in the over with salt, pepper and olive oil.


So in summary

Presentation: I know this is supposed to be an ugly produce subscription box but nothing about this box is ugly at all. Everything arrived to us in perfect condition.

Quality: I love that they food that we receive from Misfits Market is organic! This is all high quality food that I feel comfortable feeding my family

Curation: Well, considering I got to select what I received in my box for this week I’d say the curation is pretty darn good. Great week from Misfits Market.


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Misfits Market $22+


Misfits Market is my favorite way to get produce. This week I got to select the items that came in my box which was awesome!

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