finders seekers review

Finders Seekers Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | Washington D.C.

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finders seekers review

Finders Seekers is a monthly puzzle subscription box. Each package contains has a specific find that all take place in a specific location. You’ll receive puzzles, codes and cryptic messages that also incorporate and interactive online experience. They also have a thriving facebook community where subscribers can exchange hints and helpful tips to each other. Finders Seekers is a family friendly puzzle subscription (so there is not murder or gore). Subscriptions are $30 monthly and with code CRATE10 you’ll receive a discount at checkout. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Finders Seekers Washington D.C. Box

puzzle subscription box

Everything that came in our Washington D.C. Finders Seekers package. Since I lived in D.C. this is probably going to be a LOT of fun for me!


So what is all this stuff?

Each package from Finders Seekers includes a, “Start Here” page that kind of introduces you to the find for the month. This one explains that you’ve been brought to DC for a contest and that the members of the local Freemason lodge have challenged you to a race throughout the city where you will uncover secrets and because a Master of Mystery. You’ll also be given a website where you “start” your journey.


The first puzzle is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial puzzle. You can see here the top of the memorial.


The next puzzle in our box is the, “I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. This is the entire speech and has a couple secret messages hiding inside it!


The Buffalo Nickels will be used for our final puzzle. Each puzzle that we complete in this box will have us set aside three nickels (we’ll have to figure out the state from it’s slogan). This is a fun way to make this puzzle subscription a little more tactile.


Our next puzzle involves matching these dinosaur bones up at the Museum of Natural History (one of my favorites to visit in that area and totally FREE).


Our Washington Monument Puzzle is one that involves numbers and I knew right away that my husband would figure this out in no time flat!


This puzzle involves the Vietnam War Memorial and uses raised and subsequently indented letters to reveal a hidden message to subscribers.


The final paper puzzle in this subscription ( I say that because there are a couple puzzles that are entirely online, there are about 10 puzzles in total) is one that is perfect for me. I love these sorts of hands on manipulatives. You fold this one way and you have the constitution and you fold it the other way and it’s the Bill of Rights! There is of course another hidden set of words on this puzzle as well.


Okay so now what? 

Now we get to solving!

We start out with a pretty standard welcome to Washington D.C.  page and then we are directed to the first puzzle.

First up is the Washington Monument puzzle, this involves the page with the Washington Monument on it as well.

For this puzzle you’ll need to fill in the right numbers in the corresponding blocks.

I am notoriously bad at puzzles like these but my husband is awesome. He immediately figured out that you have to add each number in a row up to the top number (99).

finders seekers washington monument answers

Here is his solution.

Once we solve the puzzle we are prompted to retrieve the three buffalo nickels that correspond with the states here… this was a bit tricky because they only give you the state slogan. You will do this for each puzzle you solve.

Here are the three nickles that we pulled out of the pile.

Our next puzzle is the sheet that occurs at the Museum of Natural History.

We’ll get a bunch of letters from this puzzle that we’ll have to unscramble to enter to solve for this puzzle.

finders seekers natural history museum answer

You’ll get the word Terrible Lizard from the letters and once you enter that into the boxes you’ll have your next three coins to solve for the final puzzle.

Our next puzzle is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial sheet.

finders seekers thomas jefferson memorial answers

Using this sheet as a clock and a listing of times on the Finders Seekers Thomas Jefferson site you’ll get a secret message – ENVY THRIVE NOT!


Once we solve for this puzzle we’ll take our Buffalo Nickles from the pile.

Next we’ll move on to the Lincoln Memorial Puzzle. I thought this one was a bit more challenging.

finders seekers lincoln memorial answers

But no worries, this one actually ended up just needing the amount of columns that are on the Lincoln Memorial!

I didn’t take a picture but next I moved on to the Vietnam Wall Puzzle. This was really simple. You just look at the letters that are pushed in rather than out and end up with “The Wall that Heals” as your answer for this puzzle.

There’s also another puzzle in between the Vietnam Wall and our I have a Dream puzzle that is online only. It involves the air and space museum and shows you a constellation. This constellation has one blinking star… the answer to the puzzle is the name of this star, “Antares”.

finders seekers i have a dream answers

Now we move on to the I have a Dream speech. If you look closely at the document you’ll see certain letters are italicized.

finders seekers i have a dream answers

From this puzzle you will get the word, AEQUALITATEM.

finders seekers museum of american history answer

The next puzzle is online only and was a lot of fun! This one takes place at the Museum of American History. Each object that is shown has a number with it… you’ll have to put these numbers in the order the event took place or the object was created.

You’ll get the numbers 652442.

finders seekers arlington cemetery answer

Next up we have the Arlington Cemetery puzzle. This one was also  entirely online.

To complete this puzzle you’ll have to figure out the next series in the number sequence (the changing of the guard). The trick is that it’s in military time… the answer is 17:04

Then we move on to the last puzzle before the FINAL PUZZLE. This one involves the sheet we fold.

finders seekers national archives answers

When it’s folded properly you can see letters faintly along the edges.

You will get the world PRESERVATION as an answer.

After this we move on to our final puzzle which was easily the hardest and involved the most legwork. Each of the coins that we received in each grouping points us to a different part of one of the documents in the previous puzzle.

This took a good deal of sorting and figuring but there were little letters at the bottoms of the coins that correlate to A, amendment, W, work and L is letter. You will look through the Amendments to the Constitution and based on the group you’ll find the X amendment, X word and X letter. From there you will get eleven letters that you’ll have to unscramble to come up with a three word phrase that is commonly translated to Latin. The eleven letters are From Many, One. And there… we did it! And it was a challenge indeed!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and arrived to us perfectly in our Finders Seekers package for June.

Quality: I love the way it has us thinking differently, hopping from internet to paper and really doing research. I feel like they put a lot of work into making these puzzles tricky.

Curation: The assortment is great and I thought that the use of the buffalo nickels was really cool!


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Finders Seekers is a monthly puzzle subscription that takes place in a different locale each month. We had lots of fun on this Washington D.C. puzzle!

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