boxy charm october review

Boxy Charm October Subscription Box Review + Unboxing

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boxy charm october review

Boxy Charm is a monthly beauty subscription box that sends 4-5 full sized products each month in their standard box for $25. In this box you’ll be able to choose one of your items (from two). You’ll also be able to upgrade this box once a season to Boxy Luxe that has 9-11 full sized items for an additional $28.99. They have also introduced the Boxy Premium Subscription. This package includes $175 in products monthly for $35. This subscription can not be upgraded to Boxy Luxe. NAT pays for this subscription.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

october boxycharm

Everything that came in my October Boxy Charm package. This is the “after dark” box and I received variation 18.


So what is all this stuff?

The box insert lists each of the items that I received along with their retail values.


Dose of Colors “Snow Angels” Eyeshadow Palette
dose of colors snow angel palette


There were several DOC palettes in this month’s Boxy Charm boxes. When I saw that I was receiving Snow Angels I was kind of like… eh… not really colors that I would reach for but then I felt the packaging… which is super high quality and slowly started changing my mind.

Um.. i took this trash picture of the inside of the palette. There are five matte shades and this palette does have both a mirror and a brush included with it. You can see that deepest shade is pictured on my hand here… it’s really richly pigmented.

Here are each of the other shades. I was least impressed with the blue but most impressed with that rose color that is next to the blue… if you can see it here. These are soft but there isn’t a whole lot of “fluffing” or “dust up” or whatever you want to call it and they STAY PUT. I actually really like this palette the more that I think about it!


Iconic London Prep-Set-Glow Spray
iconic london prep set glow


Next up in this box is the Iconic London Prep Set Glow Spray. This was the choice item for the month – the other item available was the Glass Balm from Touch in Sol. I am happy that I received this and I LOVE the way that it looks in the bottle. It does add a good deal of glow to the face this might not be something you want to use if you have oily skin but you can also use it to just freshen up natural skin too. I love this because I have dry skin and will get lots of use out of this. The smell is at first powdery which I don’t like so much… but then it has a light fruity smell which is much easier to handle for me.


Hank & Henry Slick with It Mascara Duo
hank & henry slick with it mascara duo


I usually bitch and moan about receiving mascaras but after receiving their Slick With It liquid liner… I’m down. This liner has a side for top lashes and a much smaller brush for precision as well as your bottom lashes. I do also like the packaging and think the metal part is a neat touch as well!


Hollywood n Vine Velvety Touch Smooth Kohl Eyeliner
hollywood n vine smooth kohl eyeliner


Next up in my box was the item that probably threw me off the most. A black pencil liner? In a Boxy Charm? BAH. Not what I was expecting and I don’t really use these personally. I know a lot of people complained but looking at it from an aerial perspective we are so spoiled… so it’s a black liner… don’t like it… get over it!

This really is richly pigmented and really good quality too which I was surprised. I don’t use these sorts of products often but I think I’ll give this one the old college try! The swatch I did on my hand was also pretty stay put so I hope that bodes well for how it wears on the eye.


Mellow Tinted Brow Gel
mellow tinted brow gel


The final item in my October Boxy Charm is one that a lot of people online complained about and honestly… I don’t get it! I could get brow products in each of my boxes from Boxy Charm and love each and every one! So I was pretty pumped for this brow gel in dark brown from Mellow. Not sure if everyone received this color or there was a variation. You can let me know down in the comments which color you received (if you received any).

I was really surprised with the size of the brush for this product… I was expecting a little spooly but out popped a mascara sized brush! This goes on .. a bit warmer than I’d initially like but I haven’t tried it on my brows yet so the jury is still out on the color. I do love the way it goes on and the consistency of the product. This does also dry down and stay!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged really well and arrived to me perfectly in my October Box from Boxy Charm. I love that they also started putting the variation number on the packages – it’s super helpful to share with you guys.

Quality: As always the quality of the items that came in my box was awesome. Even the eyeliner that I wasn’t really thrilled with receiving ended up being really nice and I’ll probably get a lot of use out of it.

Curation: Okay, so moment of truth here. I wasn’t thrilled with this box at first but then I realized why… we are all spoiled by Boxy Charm. For $25 that means we pay $5 a product and the value is there. Not one item in this box was UNDER $5 and two of the items were worth MORE THAN THE PRICE OF THE BOX. So, just because this wasn’t my favorite Boxy Charm Box ever… doesn’t mean it wasn’t still a great month!

Box Economy: For the price of this box $21 (this is the last month they’ll be $21 if you are wondering about my price flip flopping) I received $103 in products which is a great deal!


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Boxy Charm is a monthly beauty subscription  box. Their October package brought us a beautiful palette from Dose of Colors and four other fantastic products.

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