cafe joe review

Cafe Joe Coffee Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | October 2019

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cafe joe review

Cafe Joe is a one stop shop for all your Kosher coffee needs. Started twenty years ago the first Cafe Joe was opened in Israel by a pair of U.S. immigrants. They are now Israel’s leading coffee chain and have over 250 locations. They’ve been able to do this because they are dedicated to quality and using only the finest beans. While we aren’t able to stop in a shop currently you are able to shop their online store for whole bean coffee, K-cups, Nespresso Capsules and Turkish Coffee. You can also subscribe and save 15% on your monthly coffee orders. They sent me over an assortment of their newest fall flavors along with some of the classic Cafe Joe blends to share with you guys! Each package of Nespresso Capsules includes 10 capsules and costs $4.99.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

cafe joe nespresso capsules

Here are each of the flavors available from Cafe Joe. There are 13 in total and you can buy them all as a set for $54.99 on the Cafe Joe site. There are 3 single origins, 3 limited edition flavors and 7 Cafe Joe blends. This is a lot of espresso and is perfect for someone that wants to try out each of the flavors to find the perfect one for them self.


Okay so what is all this stuff? 


Joe Nespresso Capsule

I am a firm believer that you can tell a lot about a brand by their house blend, which is why I am so excited about the Joe Nespresso Capsule. Serving as Cafe Joe’s house blend this promises to have a smooth medium body, defined by it’s balanced sourness and bitterness with a kiss of honey as a finish. It is said that this is for lovers of intense espresso and cappuccino. After trying this I will tell you that it’s a great house blend, it’s the type of coffee you could sip on all day and enjoy.


Trieste Nespresso Capsule

I had to look it up but now I know that Trieste is a region of Italy. This blend boasts a unique blend of 100% arabica beans, riched body with an even bitterness and subtle hints of hazelnut. I liked this one because it isn’t too acidic, it’s a more rich flavor that is also mellow.


Lucca Nespresso Capsules

Named after another region in Italy this blend is rich and is sweet in the mouth. Made entirely from 100% Arabica beans and characterized by it’s slightly sour flavor and subtle bitter notes. The finish on this one is rich and nutty. I think of all the coffees this is the one I was most surprised with the flavor, it was so full of character and flavor – definitely one that I’ll keep coming back to.


Chiari Nespresso Capsules

The final “region” blend this Nespresso capsule has a medium body and apparent bitterness with a rich cocoa and peanut finish. This is a little bit darker, definitely for people that love a bolder flavored coffee.


Extra Strong Nespresso Capsules
extra strong nespresso capsule

The first box is the Extra Strong capsules. This is a powerful blend made from a select amount of beans. The flavor is noted as being full bodied with a bit of bitterness and some fruity sourness. It also boasts a cherry finish. This is one that I think I’ll pass off to a good friend of mine who drinks coffee all day! I cut down a couple years ago and fear I couldn’t handle all that caffeine.


Ultra Strong Nespresso Capsule
ultra strong nespresso capsule

If Extra Strong doesn’t cut it for you… well you are in luck because Cafe Joe also has “Ultra Strong” a powerful blend that is full bodies with a balanced bitterness as well as a subtle sourness. You may also detect some notes of dark chocolate in this espresso. The Ultra Strong sounds fun but is another that I may give to a friend because at this point in my life… I’m just not that tough!



Decaf Nespresso Capsules

And for those that like to indulge without the effects of caffeine there’s a decaf capsule just for you! This blend is both delicate and balanced and uses the chemical free Swiss water method to ensure a truly flavorful decaf experience. This is fruity and sour and with subtle hints of chocolate, nuts and almonds.


Caramel Flavor Nespresso Capsules

There are three flavors available from Cafe Joe. The first is caramel. This blend contains South American coffee beans that create a balanced harmony of caramel flavor. Is there anything more perfect sounding for fall? After tasting this … it doesn’t get any better… unless you add cream and then it gets so much better!


Chocolate Nespresso Casules

The second in the three flavored espresso capsules is the chocolate variety. This blend contains a decadent variety of South American coffee with deep and rich¬† notes of chocolate. Characterized by a smooth body. I’m not huge for chocolate flavors but this is mild and creamy and very enjoyable.


Vanilla Nespresso Capsules

The final in the trio of flavors is vanilla… which is my personal favorite! This blend has superior coffee blended with a velvety vanilla flavor and aroma. I’m was most excited about this flavor, personally and it did not leave me down. If you like coffee that just has the most beautiful mouth feel this is one that you won’t want to miss.


Colombia Nespresso Capsule

In my box there were also three single origin coffees. The first is a Columbian espresso. This is characterized by a full body, a bitterness and balanced sourness with fruity hints and a pop of floral at the finish. Having been a barista I love trying different single origins and this one was perfect!


Costa Rican Nespresso Capsules

The second single origin coffee in this package is from Costa Rica. This is one of my favorite regions for coffee. This espresso is described as being exhilarating with a rich body and a sweetness that is mixed with both bitter and sour flavors. I will attest to this beans deliciousness! I love how even Costa Rican coffees are… they are just the perfect balance of delicious in my opinion.


Cuban Nespresso Capsules

The final single origin and the final espresso capsule that I received in my box is this one from Cuba. This capsule is summed up as being exquisite with a blend of select Cuban coffee that is both full bodied and has bitterness and sourness. There are notes of fruit and a beautiful floral finish. I love floral notes in almost anything but the floral notes in this coffee are perfect!




So in summary

Presentation: Each of the capsules that I received was packaged well and they all arrived to me in perfect condition!

Quality: I love that this company is using high quality coffee beans to create their espressos and coffee. Knowing the history of this brand really drives home the high quality of the products that they produce.

Curation: I mean? This is the ultimate assortment for anyone that loves variety and wants to try everything that Cafe Joe has to offer. I love that they have single origins, flavors and blends! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.


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Cafe Joe $4.99 +


Cafe Joe offers whole bean coffee, Nespresso capsules, Turkish coffee and K-cups to choose from. See what they have to offer in the way of Nespresso Capsules.

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